Saturday, December 29, 2007

A new thing

Is always a good thing. Two new things are even better. Too bad they both work at the coast, and fimbo ya mbali doesn't do much.


Met this chic during the stay at the coast. I'm not sure you can refer to someone as a 'chic' anymore once she's a mother. Last time I saw her was when we were in campus. Now she's a mother and wife. I almost didn't recognize her first time. But I was at this pals house and odds were that the woman I met there would be the wife. Had to be. Much bigger she was than I remembered. This was one of the smaller chics I'd known. Then I met this other 'chic' on the voting queue juzi. Again, she's long since married and apparently a mother too. Baby boom in progress? She's also become significantly bigger. Like boom! Didn't quite appreciate how child bearing impacts a woman's body.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa moment

i was in my house living my normal life- boring but okay.
a chic i know and have expressed interest ( genuine? debatable) walks in carrying line Santa.
normally you assume she's on her way home with mama's shopping. This time i was wrong.
she pulls out an expensive shirt. convinces me to try it on and alas! a christmas gift.
I would injure her courage and self esteem if i rejected the shirt on flimsy grounds.
the thing is someone just bought me a christmas gift.
Then she tells me "you don't have to buy me back anything, it's okay if it's not in your heart"
Oops! Deep on the defensive i came fighting-'no no actually i was thinking (white lie)......
ok she leaves happy. but man! I have to buy something back. No embar***ment to this new light.
A long awkward week lays ahead.
Can't guys act normal. But then again if i try to ignore, as they say: You never know when the craving might strike

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Beach. Party.

Got to costarica fairly uneventfully. Apart from the stuck trailer at some point that had me thinking we'll be at that diversion for days, pretty smooth all the way.

Got to see the beach for the very first time today. I'll be lying on it all day tomorrow. As soon as I wake up that is. For now I'm hitting the clubs.

That'll be a couple of goals achieved; getting on a bus and going somewhere and doing something new. It may take more than four days to get the change I'm looking for, but this should provide the catalyst.

Friday, December 14, 2007

So many beach parties

So little water.

I can't help but wonder every Friday evening, when strip clubs will become mainstream/legal. Real ones that is, not wannabes [althought I hear they take their tops off these days]. I suppose though it would end up like most things. Once the novelty wears off and you've seen the same act a couple [not the literal 2] of times, you'd be looking for newer tricks.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Namba zako

Really loved the song first time I heard it. A reminder of days filled with all manner of pursuits. The good ol' days.

Sasa wee tulia usitoke hapo
Nimekudigi kitambo
Naomba tu unipe namba zako
Hata kaa ni za vako

Sasa wee tulia usitoke hapo
Nimekudigi kitambo
Naomba tu unipe namba zako
Hata kaa n'za sistako

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Women in IT

I was at an awards dinner the other week. Check into the venue and have a seat. Place is disturbingly full of empty seats. Find our way to a table, my boss and I. [It's not the kind of event I'd attend voluntarily]. The other time I attended these awards, I was getting one myself. Again, no choice. They since scrapped the category I was nominated for.

A glass of juice is more expensive than a Tusker. And a Tusker is 250. Being a teetotaller is hard. The MC struck me as one who hadn't done this kind of thing too many times before. That or quite a number of people can do this job. Either way, I got the same kind of comfort as when I read some of the local journalism out there. I can get away with not proof reading my code. Other people do. Well, to be fair, they don't have compilers. Then there were the 'traditional' dancers. It's what you call a group of men and women in insufficient tops, with ample bossoms, without bras, jumping up and down, is it not. There was some beating of drums going on at the same time, I think.

Onto the awards. Well, the awards are a sham so I'll just mention what really captivated me. What made me swivel on my seat, crane my neck and clap out of sync. The number of women that walked past our table was pretty impressive. So were the women themselves actually. I couldn't help but wonder with each passing figure what her position was in some tech company or other. Does she configure routers or setup networks or something. It would certainly be fun to do that kind of thing with her. Day in day out. There's a small possibility some of them were along just for the dinner. OK. All of us were there for the buffet. That and the zilizopendwa they played through the interludes made the night worthwile. And the lovely women in IT.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Moving on

The Philosopha was telling me the other day how he's moved jobs. Left our once common employer last week. Took me by real surprise. Not that I thought he was entrenched or anything but I didn't see the outward signs and emotional outbursts that I would associate with an exit. Made me think. There must be like 20 guys who've come and gone in the couple of years since I started out there. And this isn't a bad place to work. The guys who are left are basically life members. And why are Safaricom permanently hiring ERP developers [that's the other thing that came to mind].

On a similar note, I'll be taking a break from it all. It'll be almost 2 years to the day since I did a similar thing. It must be me. Can't always blame the job. Moving straight to another job will land me exactly where I am now, exactly 2 years from now. My existence right now is crap, but I need to come to terms with what a job means [I always wanted to work, rather than have a job. I would also like a pony. A guy can have a pony right?]. This business of contentment seems to be a short lived illusion. At best it lasts for a couple of years or projects. Before you get into the business of living. I'm not sure what I'll do or how it'll turn out but for now, I'm moving on.