Saturday, June 21, 2014


If there are hangouts i like. Those joints with a tent where wakanae, murimi or some guy is doing his one man guitar thing. Degrees, naive titles, descendant(s), suits and years have never peeled off my appetite for their vitroil. Local lingo style.

  I am at such a joint, and the lack of a free table means i share with a woman , around 5 yrs my senior. Cheap small talk, the usual. I actually ordered a beer for this new friend. Nothing thongy, just spanghetti talk with fake humour. The husband joins her before the beer comes. I had to signal the waiter to suspend the delivery, and possibly saved my live.
 Thiz woman is quite something. She whispers to me suggestive messages when her hazi is zoombing at his phone. She even tries to share her contacts while he is facebooking. Good old discretion pursuades me to decline. She even offers to meet me next day @ 7pm same venue. Since i dont live there, i agree but i know i wont be there. The cougar will probably settle on other prey while the husband is idling with the phone.

We are living in interesting times. Very.