Thursday, October 22, 2009

All the single [independent] ladies

I think I've been hanging out with guys for too long. Which reminds me. With the good doctor going off to the bunduz, it's going to be a total guy thing. He's the only one who brings the odd gal to the party. The first consequence has been a total disappearance of "kiswahili". I couldn't approach a gal seated alone on a counter if my life depended on it. The other has been getting too steeped in man-logic.

A couple of ladies were telling me how they're terrified of getting to 30 without being hitched. One mentioned that the pain would be less if one has a kid. And all those rich, successful, high flying career women? Single because men want to boss things, or are intimidated or some other reason I can't remember. I generally stopped having such discussions. But when you're seated opposite a chic with nothing to say except that the current rains don't deserve the El Nino tag, you grab onto whatever you can. What could possibly be wrong about a woman who earns twice what I do. It's great fun not having to sambaza. If she's into coffee at the Stanley and the like, it's either I don't do that scene, or she pays. Not really into that living beyond your means lifestyle. And her paying wouldn't make me feel terrible or anything. Not any more terrible than if 0.5 was paying. No emancipation issues here. I think the red bima chic got engaged or something. I would have stalked her otherwise. Still have her business card.

Whatever the case, I always say that there are indeed worse things than being single. And I should meet some of these independent ladies who guys are meant to be intimidated by.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I attended my first wedding committee meeting yesterday. I've always wondered what these things are about, and what people do for weeks on end. And after a couple of hours, I was non the wiser.

I did garner some insight though. Although all along it felt like the first day at a new school. Where do we stand, where do we go from here, when do we talk, where are the toilets, can I go back home. It was quite apparent that I was the only one around the table who'd never been to one of these. In fact, I was one of the few who didn't have a ring flashing about when I gesticulated. At the end of it all, it turned out that the purpose of the committee is to get quotes from people who bake cakes and the like. To which I thought, has someone not compiled a list and pasted it on the internet somewhere? Surely, hundreds of people need not sit in restaurants every evening and talk about the same thing. What a guy needs is a few guys to help out on D-day, when he's too busy being anxious and nervous and stuff. Oh. Another thing I learnt. The cost of the wedding dress is not to be mentioned as part of the budget. Which means either the cost is nominal, or the cost of the wedding dress is not to be mentioned as part of the budget.

If I'm to go down this road, it's probably another 5,6 years away. At least. You need a life's savings to pull this marriage business off. Then again I'm the kind of guy who'd probably just get a certificate and forgo all the hullabaloo. If any of the good doctors took x-rays of my body they'd tell you that there isn't a romantic bone to be found.