Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Where are they now

I was thinking to myself the other day. What is the 21 minute chic doing these days. I've googled black-top a couple of times. Her facebook profile has a different surname on there so I assume she got married and is living happily ever after. Where are all the other women who made Introverted such an exciting place all those years ago. I wonder.

Plain Old Guy

I've indicated before how bemused I am at job postings that list an array or required skills so dazzling it makes one's head spin. I always wonder to myself if such people exist. And if indeed they do exist, whether this company would be able or willing to pay the amounts of money that such a guy should command. But that's just me.

When I see ads looking for gurus, I get rather disappointed because that disqualifies me. I can't call myself an expert at anything. Certainly not with a straight face. I'm not creative or innovative. I don't do nice, fancy things. I don't know too much about too many things. I am slow. I know all this. I'll gladly tell this to any employer before they think of hiring me. The trouble is, everyone is looking for a brilliant guy. There aren't too many people looking for an ordinary guy who can do ordinary things.

I wanna know your name

So we're at the pub. Guys are heading out actually. It's like 2am. Normally, these days, I'd be more than happy to be the first out the door. But as it is, I've been suffering from insomnia so I figure I might as well stick around for a bit. I'm by my lonesome on the table. Kamikaze, who's the only guy still around, is somewhere catching up with some long lost high school buddy or something.

Still, I sit. Two women take up the sits vacated by those who've gone home. Hmmmm. I sip my water. I'm terribly fatigued. What am I doing here exactly. No answer. Yet I continue to sit. DJ plays some music which people around me seem to be in to. Songs I've never heard. But if this is how people roll these days, who am I to scoff.

I get up and dance to a few tunes. More like move ever so gently from side to side. It's all I can muster right now. The two women across me look like they want to dance too. One does. The other contemplates. Ten minutes later. The contemplator gets up and moves to the space near where I'm still pretending to dance. It's the only space available. My spirits are raised. I've been eyeing her all the time she's been sitting there. She has some kind of quiet beauty. She knows she's attractive. Now she's showing off her moves. 1 foot away from me.

I generally don't foist myself on a chic who's dancing by herself. I let her be. If I move close to her and she doesn't turn around and run for the exit, then we can dance. She stays put. Baaas. Now we can get it on. I can't remember the last time I danced with someone. Seeing a chic enjoy herself. There's no better feeling. Lasted all of 5 mins. She went back to her seat. I went back to my water. It would be nice to know her name. Right now, it would also be futile. I'm a socially withdrawn herbivore. Yeah. How's that for a label.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Its difficult to understand what mindset a guy has to be in to kill themselves. Just maybe its a form of surrender to whatever big problem the guy is facing, a problem he cant go over, cant go thru or cant go a round it, total surrender. Or maybe its a form of rebellion, the very last and only thing he can do to say that yes my problems are crazy but i'm getting out on my own terms and there is nothing anyone is going to do about it. I dont know where in between those extremes i am at but i'm there, only solution is cut off my head, pull the damn trigger, jump infront of a train, hell, it doesnt matter how as long as i die coz life as i know it has taken a dramatic turn. People listening to my thoughts,people who really shouldnt be, makes me feel hounded, my last line of defense has been breached, i'm naked, exposed and cant do anything about. Losing your freedom to be or do what is natural coz some cop types are on your ass is no way to live, I need to be free from that, unfortunately wont happen if i'm alive coz those 'evil' forces are everywhere...cant see them but i know they are there. No choice guys, gotta do it now.
Recalled the movie matrix, in the computer world- which is where we are everyday, agent smith is un marchable, cant even scratch the guy. Even morpheous was captured and tortured by agent smith and his guys. Introverted has been like my real world, no pretense, life in 3D. Morpheous and his team took extra precautions to keep the location of the ship a secret as they called it home, sanctuary. It was unimaginable what would happen if agent smith got to their ship, annihilation! Agent smith has got to my ship and i'm no Neo or morpheous to stop him, cant live like those human 'batteries' in the matrix being controlled by machines, i'd rather do it to myself. 0.5-i know understand, kamikaze- you could write something real on my tombstone, sam-voice of reason, ajamaa-u know how to adjust with the times, i couldn't. See you in the after life. If you dont see any new posts, u will know there is no internet in the afterlife or people dont have fingers to type. Peace

Monday, February 06, 2012

Which is the nobler of the two?

Got tired of the hotel food on Saturday and so went out to the local mall for lunch. Sat outside to watch the people go by. Its summer after all and the gals are showing lots of skin. Eye candy always gets my spirits up.

I was taking my time with my lunch even had a book to keep me company. Over the years I have learnt that when you go to a restaurant alone it helps to have something to keep you busy as you wait for the meal to be served. As I was waiting I noticed two men in the tables in front of me. I reckon they were both the same age mid fifties. Both were Europeans but that is where the difference ended.

One of them was with his family - a wife, two teenage daughters and sun who I estimate to have been 8 or 9. They must have been on holiday. From their accents I could tell they were English. The guy had a hard time getting his son to behave. He was always telling him to sit down, eat properly stop making too much noise etc.

The other guy was by himself. He sat facing the street, had a beer as he waited for his meal and watched the people go pass as he waited for his meal. I checked and noticed he was not wearing a wedding band. I imagined he might also be on holiday and might even have traveled all the way down by himself. He seemed comfortable and experienced spending time by himself.

The two men got me wondering about what I would rather be. The guy who starts a family or the guy who will have many tables for one going forward.

Pray do tell. Whether tis nobler to be the family man or the perennial bachelor?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Language classes

Official language in their statutes are hebrew and arabic. Everyone speaks hebrew, they write in the hebrew alphabet. Technical courses at uni or colle level are in part hebrew part english coz they dont have any serious text book translated to hebrew. So generally guys who have somad to high levels understand and can write in english. I've gotten by with my hebrew vocab of 15 words which has been expanding at the rate of 1 word a day. I have not been under any immense pressure to learn hebrew coz other than not getting jokes i was ok. Until today! Was taking tea and in walked 2 beautiful godesses of Ethiopian origin! They are the hottest things i've seen. Enyewe angels have descended to live among men. They looked to be in their mid 20's, gigling as they talked in amharic. I was transfixed, couldn't swallow, breath or pick up my phone which had dropped when they walked in, after an eternity i finally picked up my jaw from the floor and said today is the day. Everyone else in the room was white skinned and as usual had not even noticed these beauties, they never do. I made my way to them and asked if they speak english, NO....they dont! Man, with their killer smiles they said they speak hebrew and amharic only. we could not move any where coz we couldnt understand each other. I kept repeating the hebrew word meaning cute ladies to which they giggled even more. What a waste, resigned from that pursuit after saying i want some injera. I know have a genuine need to learn hebrew! My life depends on it.