Friday, November 05, 2010

New town

I shouldnt have been there in the first place. Was warned before hand that my standing in society as pertains to age didnt allow it. Its a new town where i was seeking refuge as i looked for a more permanent jobo. What struck me was that this club in a tao thats not nai had so many chicks! possibly chicks out numbered guys 2:1. While thats not unusual as whore houses have even crazier ratios, its the fact that all chicks seemed to be below 23 yrs!And they were not selling. The DJ was a hot hot hot chick! For a moment i wished i was checking out her deck, literally. Met some guy from high school at the same joint and from his enthusiasism, a multitude of young, well dressed (skimpy), full of energy was distraction enough from the liverpool-napoli match that was going on. I must say i was intrigued by the club, every inch resembled any club that campo guys would flock to. I tried to concentrate on the match at hand but wapi, some kenyan song with a chorus that has the words 'get down' ws dramatised to the hilt. A line of like 10 hot hot hoty's grabing a rail and in synchrony all getting down and wiggling it like if a termite had bit into it it would fall off! Amazing!
My afore mentioned pal who has a wife in nai & was travelling back to nai commented ' aki leo nakula na macho lakini kesho niki fika home nitakula na meno' woe unto his wife...
I was having a good time until i went to pee, is it african for me to pee in the same vicinity with guys possibly 13yrs my junior??? I mean am i not like his zaks?? Effects of age even affect where a guy has to pee! I'm inviting over my boys to come sample this sleepy town with excess young chicks.
I had never understood the allure to chicks of such an age bracket but i think i can be convinced otherwise (easily. It made my night that liverpool reversed their troubles by winning 3-1!