Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's official

The first time it was mentioned, my response was a blatant "No". No way. Not me. Sitaki. My boss had to literally calm me down. I told her to talk to the next guy. At that point I figured that was the end of that and continued with my existence.

After about a week, I had another chat with the boss. I need to seriously think about what had been talked about before she offers. And quick. Next thing I know, I'm talking with my boss's boss. There's this situation, what do I think about it. I knew what this conversation was going to be about so the resistance in my response wasn't as strong as the very first time. I still voiced my hesitance [ever the one issuing disclaimers, giving them ample chance to rethink]. Go think about it he says, and get back to me in the afternoon. I got word at some point in the afternoon that I shouldn't go to see him after all. Tomorrow. It must have been evident that I wasn't ready.

So I went home and had a chat with the folks there. It became evident that I didn't have a choice. I couldn't run. Not now. Definitely not forever. Talk of epiphany. My life the way I thought of it would be over. Whether I liked it or not. I had the same feeling when I was 12. Exact same feeling.

Went back to chat with my boss's boss the next morning. Okay then, I go. Now that I don't really have a choice, let's go ahead. I'm then directed to my boss's boss's boss. No turning back now. I got the official letter today. I'm in management now [more like a tech lead]. I've told everyone I could that it's not the kind of thing I fancy, and there's a good chance I won't make it, and get fired as a result. I've gotten virtually the same response. You'll be fine. So this is the last time I'll bring up these particular insecurities.

This whole episode also made me consider how, if and when I've been running from [potential] galfriends, and that I can't, shouldn't run. Not forever anyway. But that's a story for another post.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


when i am coming to work on satos, i always think i would be through in 2 hours. But then i end up leaving almost at midnight with enough work to spare for the whole of sunday. Such is a geek's life.
When friends and family call and you confirm that you are at work, you become the subject of mercy, or a talk show item and a prayer item. They think you have no life, you are being misused or you have no negotiation skills-when your figures are compared with others earning more and doing nah over weekends. Those guys travel to oleepolos, coast, naivasha and such places where one loses mileage (count of getting laid). On their calenders, it's marked over weekends with names such as bash, baby shower, date blab blah blah, or at least they can plan for any weekend on the year.They practically own their weekends.

Enviable life.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Embarrisingly Kenyan

As a Kenyan I am embarrased by the nonesense that is happening around the presidential elections. I imagine myself trying to explain to a foreigner the history of this years presidential candidates. Explaining that the incumbent was elected in 2002 when a number of politicians came together and formed a coalition with the objective of dislodging Kanu from power. But currently the incumbent is supported by the former president who misruled the country for 24 years and one of his newest allies is the Kanu presidential candidate he defeated in 2002 and has for the last five years played the role of leader of the opposition.

Imagine going further to explain that one of the incumbents main opponents was infact one of his strongest allies in 2002 and was instrumental in his election. And some of his strongest supporters were formally in Kanu and they have been going around declaring all the wonderful things they are going to do when they form the next government although they were government ministers for a number of years.

Such a story would sound stranger than fiction.

GTV is crap!

Looking for a 24 hr boxing channel? Your are home and dry. GSPORTS2. want some african club soccer during weekdays. GSPORT1. Currently there are rugby and cricket worldcups, eauropean qualifiers which this sports giant has not priviledge to host. Dont even mention african sports channel- use this prime space on something better than baseball.
GTV boasts of 15 channels .12 left
At 7:00 you normally want to watch some nice movies. What do you get on GPRIME? isindingo, the south african equivalent of tushauriane. Then the indian movies one stop crap.
Then there is a full french channel, BBC, Al-Jazeera, SKY news, GOD Channel, boring catoons channel and 1 classic movies channel i watch as a last resort.
only 3 left.
There is a gossip channel, MTV and kiss. These only can you watch.

Who in his right mind sold these guys a premiership license. They did a great dis-service to football.

I played the fool and bought the equipment. I have always wondered when a chic lays someone thinking he was worth it only to realize he is a pretenderer on borrowed clothes. GTV, thank you for making me understand.

Millionaire stunts

I earned 1.1 million in a month in my first job in a month. In cents that is. since then i have been harbouring millionaire thoughts. but in enviable units like shillings or dollars. In that same quest, i overcharged a guy who wanted a software last year. Programmers know it's just a few forms. But i couldn't finish. Turned out to be a big task. I had embezzled 40k the guy had paid as initial deposit. I will be bitterly paying back in instalments. I know even if i actually deliver, he will be out to teach me a lesson by not paying a single extra penny. That's what you get when someone who was referred to you threatens to use every means possible to recover his deposit. I guess i can cope. msimba wa kujitakia hauna kilio. desire turned sour.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The war between 6:00 and 7:00.

Its like a familiar bank commercial. " In small manageable pieces ..." you want to extend that sweet sleep by another 10 minutes. That "snooze" is a derailer! You lose count of how many snoozes you have hit and voila! 7:00 wins again.

Now sh*t has hit the fan. Fly out of the bed like a demon, throwing things about only to come to a screeching halt in the bathroom. The unforgiving cold makes you curl like a roasted onion leaf; And you haven't touched the water yet. Another 10 minutes pass as you contemplate the ice- cold water, trying to postpone the moment by doing mundane things like shuffling your underwear about, brushing your teeth etc etc. Another jolt and you go like I really have to get under that shower now - two minutes and its all over. Stare down and oaahhh! Mr Biggs is in the background ,....THAT is not my -!

The school brats are all over and there is no transport. You have not bought a car like all the other progressive people and you have to walk a long way off before you can catch a very rickety matatu with the smell of diesel all over it. At this point mathematics and physics of motion and distance come into play. My practiced eye can tell to within half a meter where the mathree will stop; And I am there in a dash!
I slip my genteel manner into my pockets and apply a few rugby moves by shoving pregnant women and children out of the way - you don't pay my salary you suckers - and promptly board; Once inside I transform into a gentleman again.

We are on our way cheered on by ludicrous crunk music or dirty therapy and lewd talk on Classic 105. You squirm as you sit between two women who could easily be your mum and her older sister as a caller on radio vividly describes a three-some she had with office colleagues; Darn! The progressive types have choked the roads with cars. You are barely moving.

It is 9. I hate arriving late when my mdosi is there. I open the door and I notice his eyes shifting to the system tray. Darn! Darn! Darn! I walk briskly to my desk and sit down. And keep quiet for a while, hoping that my lateness will be forgotten quickly.

Have sato's paper?

this is a question i had to answer to 2 ladies yesterday. one on phone and one head to head.
I never realized "What Kenyan men want" was that appealing.
What hit me was "so what do you want". A question i hepaaad, but was simply not going away.
Just like my career, i think i take women as they come.No Plans. Chocolate and well built may be attractive today until another one with totally opposite credentials appeals to my basic instincts. That's why i dont have a checklist. and Am good.

This topic is really hot among the chics. Don't blame me for wondering why, or not having a checklist of the same.

Friday, September 07, 2007

state ...

Its Friday. I am not happy cause I am broke.
I have a slight buzz in my head from yesterday's drinking.
My left ear is listening to Maroon5 from my PC, my right is listening to Naughty by Nature on Capital FM. The hegemony is just AMAZING!

Rewind ....
Wednesday: There is this mama who was spinning her ass like she has six sets of joints on her waist ... Kamikaze's eyes almost dropped out of their sockets! Wa wa wa that is what stuff is made of...

Now there was another mama who was dancing to the right who was showing her belly to all and sundry. She was good looking methinks! But alas attention immediately shifted to the ass-spinning mama. Uniform. The whole bloody bar stopped and watched. Not to be outdone, this other chic jumps on to the floor and also tries to do the same thing. Soon there was a string of chics gyrating in front of ogling men. Enyewe chics love attention.

Today ....
Someone is hatching an evil plan to involve me in night duty tonight. Not on a Friday that is not happening. I need to detox again. Getting pain spasms in my abdomen. Otherwise there is nothing new.