Friday, November 25, 2011

Such vim

Such fire, such enthusiasm.

That was years ago. June 2005 we started this blog. We were younger, more clueless than we are now.

Not saying we really have much of a clue now, not on most things anyway. On some things, we have gotten a few clues. Like what you ask? Not a clue. But I can try and think of some things.

You'll never win. This has been surmised for a ton of situations but I think I will stick to the one closest to heart for most of us. You will never win against your girlfriend/wife/fiance. That last part (gf/wife/fiance) is how much things have changed in over five years.

Back then I wouldn't be caught dead saying I have a girlfriend. Fiance was some foreign word I hadn't encountered yet. Wife was something that other people had when they decided life wasn't worth living anymore. That last sentence is probably still true.

Now? Well, I guess I'll just have to come out and say it. Kamikaze got caught. Ages ago. In a nutshell, got kids, a wife (come we stay I guess, nuptials at a later date being schemed on by the said wife - guys never really plan that stuff. You get bullied into it.), bills, house-help, loans... What is left? I don't know.

And I ain't the only one. Sorry guys, gonna have to out you. One resident doc had us dreaming of flatulence from excessive eating of R.S.V.P and an evening party afterwards only to have that dream taken away for reasons we don't know yet and will never forgive him for anyways. Another resident doc, the clueless bastard, has gone as far as proposing, bought a ring and all. What can I say? Might as well take the plunge eh? All the best. Except you don't know what you are getting into. None of us do. None of us ever will. They (women) have had us sown up since day one. Pawns really, we are. aJamaa is still in denial. He says there are no plans. Well, like I said, you haven't got a clue.

The other lot? Matejivu and Mwambao have actually tied the knot. All the best to you guys. Come to think of it, this knot people speak of, is it akin to the hangman's noose knot? Tie the knot, stick your head in and take the plunge. Apt.

0.5? Not a peep. Resolute in his ways apparently. But it will all come tumbling down some day my good man. All the best to you too.

Sam? Hahaha. Nothing to say. Absolutely nothing.

So, here we are. After over 5 years. Actually 6 years. Time really does fly. 5 years from now? Will the introverted blog still be up? How many kids for the clueless resident doc? (the one who bailed out might as well be the one in the know). Will 0.5 have been subdued? Will aJamaa have just given up? What will Sam be doing? Will the one who got away (yes, you doc) have been apprehended?

All this and more to come later.

A suicidal "husband", proud father, mass murdering tenant, listless guy and happy drinker.

This post was written while in a state of utter and massive boredom, with one eye at a bleak friday night, more screaming (the babies), nagging wife (my fault I guess - they say you should pay more attention. If you don't, they will find ways to get the attention.) and generally nothing to watch on tv.

Happier posting later.