Friday, October 19, 2012

Are you a programmer?

During a meeting a with a client this afternoon.
Client: are you a programmer

Me: no. why?

Client: Why are you using notepad?

Me: LoL

I maintain a to do list on notepad. Started doing that many years ago since it was a very light application that never crashes.

My cold is back again. Stress must have reduced my immunity or may be its just age.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Weight problem, sleep and recurring cold

I am struggling with my weight like Robbie Fowler. I have put on 5 kgs in the course of the year. I blame it on school. Because of school I don't run on Saturday's anymore. Because of school I have not run a marathon all year. Because of school I have spent 7 weeks in a hotel in the course of the year and over indulged. What if I cant shed it off like Robbie Fowler? I should find a mountain before year end. That always takes off at least 5 kgs. Or maybe I should just forget about until I finish school then deal with it.

9 years ago I used to sleep between 11pm and midnight. I could watch Champions league matches and still have a productive day at work. Not anymore. If I sleep past 11 I struggle all day next day. If I sleep past 1am I struggle for 2 days. I dont even bother starting to watch a mid-week match. Last season, the only Champions league match I watched was the final. Even on weekends I struggle to stay up past 11. To add insult onto injury I can sleep past 7 am. Even when I have no intention of waking up early, I find myself awake at between 6.30 am and 7am. How sad it is that I have lost control of my body and sleep patterns.

I had a cold last week and took some time off work to recuperate. It was over by Friday but returned on Tuesday this week. Mambo gani hii!