Friday, October 12, 2007


Its Friday.
Fridays (and Saturdays) is Rhumba day at the office. I get to blast songs from ago to all and sundry who are listening at the office. My PC came to be the sort of de-facto music source around here. I think I've mentioned this before. Oh yeah. And I think the last time I was lamenting some new entrant at the office, busy causing interference with his crappy music taking up some of my bandwidth. Well, the guy isn't here anymore.

Ha! Not that I had anything to do with it. Or I could have claimed to have taken care of the bugger and none of you would have been the wiser.

Anyway. I'm listening to some Congolese music right now. Was listening to one called Kamikaze a minute ago. Some of you can guess I love that song. And many others.

Today happens to be the exact date of the death of the King of Afro Music. The one and only Franco. Amazing music. I won't go on about his exploits. There are entire websites dedicated to that.

Have a nice Rhumba day and weekend. Play some Franco.


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