Thursday, October 17, 2013


I am sure at some point in this blog's career, I have mentioned a lack of sleep.

It is more pronounced nowadays.

Didn't sleep last night.

Beyond the usual thoughts of being broke, what else makes me not be able to sleep? I venture that a lack of alcohol is one of the suspects. Such a slippery slope that. If I don't drink after every two days then I will not be able to sleep on day 3? Drank on Friday. Lethargic all of Saturday. Drank on Saturday. Almost couldn't move on Sunday. Didn't drink on Sunday, but was up all day, moving about. Slept like a baby on Sunday. Still lethargic on Monday. Slept fine on Monday. Felt better on Tuesday. Played some football, exerted myself, slept quite ok on Tuesday. Wednesday was quite fine. Work was good. Left work, went home. Could not sleep!

Thursday will be a long day.

Does the wife's incessant talking about nonsense count towards my discomfiture? A nattering woman, going on and on about what she ate or didn't eat, who said what, who did what, asking questions that she already knows the answer to, seeking confirmation on some idempotent actions she knows she should have done ages ago...

Aaaah. For another post.


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