Friday, September 14, 2007

GTV is crap!

Looking for a 24 hr boxing channel? Your are home and dry. GSPORTS2. want some african club soccer during weekdays. GSPORT1. Currently there are rugby and cricket worldcups, eauropean qualifiers which this sports giant has not priviledge to host. Dont even mention african sports channel- use this prime space on something better than baseball.
GTV boasts of 15 channels .12 left
At 7:00 you normally want to watch some nice movies. What do you get on GPRIME? isindingo, the south african equivalent of tushauriane. Then the indian movies one stop crap.
Then there is a full french channel, BBC, Al-Jazeera, SKY news, GOD Channel, boring catoons channel and 1 classic movies channel i watch as a last resort.
only 3 left.
There is a gossip channel, MTV and kiss. These only can you watch.

Who in his right mind sold these guys a premiership license. They did a great dis-service to football.

I played the fool and bought the equipment. I have always wondered when a chic lays someone thinking he was worth it only to realize he is a pretenderer on borrowed clothes. GTV, thank you for making me understand.


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