Friday, September 07, 2007

state ...

Its Friday. I am not happy cause I am broke.
I have a slight buzz in my head from yesterday's drinking.
My left ear is listening to Maroon5 from my PC, my right is listening to Naughty by Nature on Capital FM. The hegemony is just AMAZING!

Rewind ....
Wednesday: There is this mama who was spinning her ass like she has six sets of joints on her waist ... Kamikaze's eyes almost dropped out of their sockets! Wa wa wa that is what stuff is made of...

Now there was another mama who was dancing to the right who was showing her belly to all and sundry. She was good looking methinks! But alas attention immediately shifted to the ass-spinning mama. Uniform. The whole bloody bar stopped and watched. Not to be outdone, this other chic jumps on to the floor and also tries to do the same thing. Soon there was a string of chics gyrating in front of ogling men. Enyewe chics love attention.

Today ....
Someone is hatching an evil plan to involve me in night duty tonight. Not on a Friday that is not happening. I need to detox again. Getting pain spasms in my abdomen. Otherwise there is nothing new.


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