Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Plain Old Guy

I've indicated before how bemused I am at job postings that list an array or required skills so dazzling it makes one's head spin. I always wonder to myself if such people exist. And if indeed they do exist, whether this company would be able or willing to pay the amounts of money that such a guy should command. But that's just me.

When I see ads looking for gurus, I get rather disappointed because that disqualifies me. I can't call myself an expert at anything. Certainly not with a straight face. I'm not creative or innovative. I don't do nice, fancy things. I don't know too much about too many things. I am slow. I know all this. I'll gladly tell this to any employer before they think of hiring me. The trouble is, everyone is looking for a brilliant guy. There aren't too many people looking for an ordinary guy who can do ordinary things.


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