Thursday, February 02, 2012

Language classes

Official language in their statutes are hebrew and arabic. Everyone speaks hebrew, they write in the hebrew alphabet. Technical courses at uni or colle level are in part hebrew part english coz they dont have any serious text book translated to hebrew. So generally guys who have somad to high levels understand and can write in english. I've gotten by with my hebrew vocab of 15 words which has been expanding at the rate of 1 word a day. I have not been under any immense pressure to learn hebrew coz other than not getting jokes i was ok. Until today! Was taking tea and in walked 2 beautiful godesses of Ethiopian origin! They are the hottest things i've seen. Enyewe angels have descended to live among men. They looked to be in their mid 20's, gigling as they talked in amharic. I was transfixed, couldn't swallow, breath or pick up my phone which had dropped when they walked in, after an eternity i finally picked up my jaw from the floor and said today is the day. Everyone else in the room was white skinned and as usual had not even noticed these beauties, they never do. I made my way to them and asked if they speak english, NO....they dont! Man, with their killer smiles they said they speak hebrew and amharic only. we could not move any where coz we couldnt understand each other. I kept repeating the hebrew word meaning cute ladies to which they giggled even more. What a waste, resigned from that pursuit after saying i want some injera. I know have a genuine need to learn hebrew! My life depends on it.


Anonymous Mareq said...

It is not difficult to learn a new language in the presence of varieties of online courses. You just need to be practice the language learning exercises regularly.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 9:53:00 PM  

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