Sunday, February 17, 2008

Doesn't strike twice

Friday. Last Friday. I get a text from one of the doctors. He'll be heading to the land of the baganda in a week so can we meet up and catch up. I leave the office around 7 and head home to get out of work clothes. I'm anticipating a long night.

Get to tao around 8. The doc is with his.. erm.. wife? I think everyone's in agreement that that reference is appropriate. Surprised me still. To see the two of them together. Quite comfortable and cosy. So I join them at the bar counter. Chit chat. All along, across me, beyond the doctors [she's also a doc], was a woman [definitely not derogatory] having a drink, seemigly by herself. I'd not set my eyes on such a striking figure in a while, and kept looking in her direction thinking how I should be going over to her to say something. But I can't pull that stunt now, leave the docs to their own devices and have my moment of madness. I love temporary insanity. The kind one gets after having x beers. It's even more profound when one is sober. Really insane.

Anyway. At some point, she grabs hold of her bag and walks towards us, heading off somewhere. I go into a panic. My hesitation has done me in once again. Another what-if to add to my sizeable collection. Just as I'm through consoling myself, she walks back past us, back to her spot at the counter. Here we go again. There's a guy seated next to her but they don't seem to be together, and he doesn't seem to be interested. How that is is beyond me. But here I am, feeling like a prisoner. Not able to bridge the 2m gap between us. There's only one other thing left to do. So I chill, and carry on vibing the good doctors. Then, sooner than I expected, she gets up to leave. Yes. This time she's headed out the door. Aah. My time has come. But should I wait for her to get to the door before I bolt after her. She'll likely get too far and running after her won't do. So I excuse myself to take/make a phone call [ha!] and follow close after her. She takes a right turn as she exits the bar. I'd figured everything out, how I'd approach her once she walked out, what I'd say, where we could go afterwards, everything. But it all depended on her taking a left turn. Now I'm not known for thinking on my feet; I much prefer to be seated down. What to do, what to do. There are seats outside the place and everyone seems to be looking at me. I think they know what I'm up to. So I stop in my tracks and make the phone call that will make my actions less suspicious. I must have talked to Kamikaze for too long because by the time I resumed the pursuit and turned the corner I think she'd taken, she was nowhere in sight. I quickened my pace and got to another junction. No sign of her either direction. It's been like 2 years since I've attempted such a stunt. What was I thinking. I wasn't.

I trudge back to the bar. I notice another chic having wine by herself. But I've done my crazy deed for the day. I must come back here next Friday though. At some point we join Kamikaze and 0.5 at the usual. Two guys, two gals. Now these guys know how to get things done. A while later and we're headed to westi. There's something priceless about novelty. When that is gone, it's just downhill from there. Nothing really remarkable I can remember, although just after we got there people kept dropping bottles to the floor. Surreal like. Every so often, poof! Made several trips to the dance floor. Nothing remarkable there either. At some point Kamikaze left, and we didn't hang around either. At this time, it's either home or maddie, and I wasn't too keen on going home.

There are some tunes I can't just sit down to, so at some point I got up to do my thing. That's where I met the light chic who made an appearance on Wednesday.

Friday. Juzi. I have to fulfill the promise I made to go back to that bar. I had this crazy idea that she would be seated at the same spot on the counter as last week. That lightning can strike the same spot twice. Unfortunately, it doesn't.


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