Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crazy Office Chic

A couple of weeks ago the idea emerged for a party at one of the Introvert's new abode.
It was decided not to invite the 'usual' girlfriends/ladyfriends/women/females.
Each of the introverts was charged with inviting someone they'd had their eye on, or someone totally new. The logic to this (supplied by one of the resident doctors, the wise man that he is) is that if I bring someone another introvert knows, or more importantly, someone whom the other introvert's usual companion knows, then things get loused up. Mainly due to that abominable Women's Network.

Thus, it seemed like the perfect time to seek out the Office Chic. I should point out that the party was decided on before the resident doctor added the conditions to the party. I had at this point already pointed out the possibility of a party to one Coconut. So when the new requirements were stated, I had to find a way to get the Coconut out. Anyways, I simply informed her that the party has been moved to March, and now that I won't know her in March, it really doesn't matter.

Office Chic. Brown skin. Nice walk (a woman's walk says alot about her - as a man's walk I guess). I think people practice different walks. Does that happen subconsciously or are guys very aware that they are walking a certain way? Another story I think. Young. Just cleared campus, that should put her at 24. Thats a nice young. Unlike 20yr olds who have just tormented me for some time now. Petite. I think I can use that word. Not thin. No no no. Not even close to large. Petite. Last time I held someone petite I was in campus.

So I bide my time and then just come out with it when no one else is around. "What you up to on ?", Nothing, she says. "There's a small party at . You're invited."
Ok, forget the narration. So she accepts the invite and all is well.

Now, I've been having second thoughts. She still looks good. Nothing changed there. Although she did get the measles at some point last month and I'm not sure if I ever did as a kid.
Problem is, I can never make out what she says. She is constantly talking. And whatever she says doesn't make sense to me, when I can make out whatever it is she says. She doesn't enunciate. She's one of those guys fueling the rumor mill on the ongoing nonsense in Kenya. This MP said this, the army guys will do this, cops are doing this, mungiki this, luos this, kisiis that...bla bla bla crap. I know I only have to stand that crap for one day while I try something on the party day. Still, I'm very uncomfortable. Maybe I can get her high and she'll stop talking crap. There's times she just comes to my desk, picks up stuff I'm working on, doesn't say much, looks at the stuff and then bails. I know I should have a plethora of one liners to keep her talking, but that's not the point. The point is she's crazy. You can't just stop me as I'm walking to say hi when its about 2pm. I said hi in the morning. Nuts. I have a bad feeling about this if I try any moves during the party. Too late to get out of it?

What am I talking about? It'll be fun I'm sure. Just getting nervous about asking a new chic to do the nasty with me. Always puts me on edge. Alcohol will help. I'm just jittery. What a wimp. Nothing wrong with the nice lady.Nice petite lady.


Blogger matejivu said...

there's something abt chics that talk too much that is a put off. I guess anyone can bear with it pending a deeper assessment. Literary.Let's go Party.
Give her something to silence her.
But try to dis-engage and she will make her favourite phrase come true- No Peace without justice.
I may be wrong. Just.

Friday, February 01, 2008 8:51:00 AM  

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