Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Green eyed monsters

It's terribly unfortunate. Perhaps it's the price to pay. Part of the price anyway. There are a bunch of other costs.

I've seen it like 3 times in the last couple of weekends weekends. The first of these, I was busy minding my own busines on the dance floor. Yeah. That one. I mostly dance alone these days. It's hard to let yourself go when you're trying to have synchronized movements, and having the presence of mind to keep your knees from knocking hers. Anyway. Out of the blue [tempted to use that from left field phrase again] comes some chic. Ok. The least I can do is oblige, and groove along. For some reason I'm not too enthused today so it's just kushoto, kulia, kushoto, kulia and stop. Out of nowhere [actually they were coming from the right side. I must have a blind spot there] a guy's outstretched hard swings at the chic and smacks her on the side of the face. She's thrown clear 2 metres. One more lunge on her way down just to make sure. She lies there motionless for a while. I'm motionless as well. The guys makes it back to where he was seated as bouncers come over and some of the chic's pals come to help her up.

Another sato. Nobody was rendered unconscious this time. Just eyes burning with rage as the collapsing chic got her groove on with any which guy who happened to be near her. Bumping and grinding. If looks could kill...

Yet another sato. Back at the club. Doing more of that minding my own business thing. What do you know. This one didn't come out of left field. Not way out anyway. A bit more of that swaying from side to side stuff. She must be really enjoying the music because she's all smiles. I'm wary though of that arm that comes from the blind side. She was dancing with some guy[s] earlier. So we keep it PG13. I lean in and introduce myself. She asks what tribe I am. Can't believe people are still doing that kind of thing. I leave that to her imagination. At some point she goes over to the DJ's box. Apparently after he'd called her over several times. It's too loud to hear but the body language is loud enough. Something about "hasta la vista, baby". She returns. I ask about the apparent boyfriend. I don't mean to cause any trouble. No response, just shakes of the head. Shortly and she's gone again. For good this time. I hope they made up.

It must be a hard thing, when you are hooked up with someone, and you see her talking or <insert other verb here> with another bloke. And there always will be some bloke, unless you lock her up in your house or something. Probably as innocent as ever. Why then would one get all worked up about it. Is it some involuntary emotion one has. It's why I'm apprehensive every time I text the married chic. [she sent me a text the other day after a long, long time. out of the blue] It's not paranoia when they could be after you. The way I figure it though, if you're with a chic and she seems to having the time of her life with some guy, you just take a long gulp at your drink. If she goes out of her way, and probably digs the guy, you move on, to the chic at the next table. If she really fancies the guy, she can have him. No need to get all worked up. Last time I heard, women were [apparently] outnumbering men. Sure, I saw shades of green last time I was on a date, but there's no point getting overly worked up. It's not a good side-effect of liking someone.


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