Friday, January 18, 2008

Nakshi mrembo. Wicked

Two songs I heard perpetually while in coastarica. Sure, I'd heard them a couple of times [I don't listen to radio [metro doesn't count as radio]], but didn't appreciate how popular they were. It took 2 nights to discover that those in Mombasa like their bongo.

The first night I spent in the hotel room, and quickly realised why people go away on holidays with someone [and one of the waitresses at the bar/restaurant did urge me to go with company next time. I wonder if with all the goings on she's been laid off. They were actually looking to recruit while I was there] A single room has two beds and a double one. Baffling. But if you do intend on staying in the hotel room, you'd better not be alone. Or if you do go with someone, spend a lot of time in the room. It's the only way that makes sense.

The next day was spent with one of the two people I knew there. The new father. [I never got to meet Mombasa during the whole trip. Pity] He introduced me to one of the two chics who's numbers I got. Well, it's 3 strictly speaking but that's another story. This particular one mentioned [later] that it would have been funny and complicated things if I'd have made a move on her. Yeah. Let's just be friends. I couldn't bear spending that night in the room again. This from a guy who can lay in bed for 24 hours, moving only to perform bodily functions. I got into a mat at 8 knowing only that it was going the general direction of town. No clue where exactly it'll drop me off, and what I'll do once that happens. This actually dawned on me halfway through the journey, but I was atypically unafraid. We were dropped off somewhere and I made my way into the dark streets of a strange town. When I stumbled on a familiar landmark [I had been there the once before], I knew there was a god. Coincidence doesn't even come close. Finally made my way to the club. The first thing that hit me was the number of working women. It hit me every night after that also.

The second day was at the beach. Up, down, barefoot. I'd heard a lot about the beach. There was little chance then that it would live up to expectations. The view of the ocean was great though, seeing the tide going out was interesting and the pineapple juice was the best. Another night, another club, another chic, another number.

The Kamikaze and aJamaa arrived on day three. What did we do. I'll have to fill this blank later. The beach in south coast? The night too. I think it was the Mombasa version of Tropez. The club? The Lollipop. And Tembo. Yet another chic, and another number.

Day four had a drive to Malindi. These guys get up at 4 in the afternoon. And GTV is yet to reach there. Unbelievable. The night had CasaB [the club], and the VIP strippers. Hai! The carnival, and a return to Tembo.

Day five and another return to the club. There were women working at 11am. A true day and night club. Drove around during the night. Went through like 3 closed/empty joints before ending up at the Havana. Then back to the club.

Day six had the wild water slides. That was the most thrilling time I've had in a long long time. The flight back was incredibly short, and I held tightly onto my seat all the way. You don't even have time to finish a sandwich. Especially if you're a slow eater like moi. But a guy should take trips more often. If he still has a job and can afford them.

I was intending to post about a couple of songs. So much for intentions. But nakshi mrembo is wicked.


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