Saturday, February 16, 2008

Coastal Kamikaze

I had promised this post some time back. Here goes nothing.

It seems like quite a while back eh? December. Before the elections and all that nonsense afterwards. Kinda get the urge to head back there soon.

Samborera decides he has to take a bus ride somewhere. South sounds about ok for him so off he trudges. Trudges. Ha! Gets there on a Tuesday I think. Or did he leave on a Tuesday? Anyways, he's there probably two or three days before aJamaa and myself wend our way there. Who knows what kind of mischief the man was up to. Thursday night, aJamaa and I board a bus and make tracks. Some Richot helps us find our way to coast. We are met by Mr. S, hire a car and get to touring.

Coastal Kamikaze was basically a very relaxed guy. Walking around in shorts and open shoes, sweating freely, no need to wipe anything off like in Nai. Easy. We did the beach thing, just walking about or staring at this massive water formation. Endless. Surreal. Gets me every time. The days were spent doing much of the same thing. Driving around with aJamaa always going in the wrong direction. Didn't mind really. Not like we were late for something. But this guy has it down to an art. I bet he doesn't which side his heart is. That's the left side boss! YOUR left.
Anyways, Friday saw us laze about in south coast, have 600.00 bob chicken (bandits), stick your feet in the sand and think about nothing really. Just relax.
Friday night. When you spend the whole day sitting and constantly pinting, the evening can only hold certain appeal for you. And its not the prospect of getting high. Working women! Sorry, working Femmes! Yeah boss. I think we did Casablanca. The ka small joint with air con and very undressed Femmes. Friday I just watched. Headed to my room early. Something about an ulcer and drinking and smoking. How do I stop smoking?! Anyways, I left the boys to their own devices and went to sleep.
Next day - breakfast, headed to Mr. S's hotel, grabbed the guy and made for Malindi. Talk about lazy. After walking on some pier, we headed into the town - wonderful scenery on the way to Malindi by the way. Palm trees always get me. As do Baobab trees. So, we are in Malindi, we do the pier walk, head back into tao to look for a joint to watch some soccer. No one knows where they have GTV. Plus, most joints are just opening. Its like guys wake up at 4. Next time, a guy just has to go stay in Malindi, not try and visit during the day. So anyways, no place to watch soccer. We head back to Mombasa. Looking for some food. Biriani to be precise. We got the food. And some weird juice. Can't remember where we went next. Bob's? But it was more of the same.

Coastal Kamikaze wasn't really out to snag them Femmes. More to relax. And get a massage! I remember seeing a lot of signs that advertised massages. I was looking for the "Happy Ending" kind but never tried to actually go to those joints. So Saturday night was still relaxed. I think I got a lousy massage either that Saturday or on Sunday. Got two massages in total. Both lousy. All part of the experience though. All this time either I was hanging out with aJamaa and Sam or some other two dudes from the hood. Now those guys had a plan when they checked in to coast. Shag their balls off. Prolific guys those. Lets call them Adebayor and Cristiano. Salute!

I'll skip forward to check out day. Monday. We did the wild waters thing. Had a blast! Got to go back there. This is another thing that I find very weird when you talk about it to other guys. You tell them you went water sliding and they talk like you are too old for that stuff. Please! Who are you kidding?! Trying to sound "Mature". We all had a blast. A thrill. Exhilarating. Had to leave early though. Plane to catch. Back in Nai within an hour of coast. That flight was too fast.

I miss Coastal Kamikaze. Hope to see him soon though. For now its Sagana Kamikaze. I'm off.


Blogger Samborera said...

Left on a Tuesday. Got there on the same Tuesday. I'm glad you guys joined in. Took me one night to realise how crazy the thought was to just get on a bus and go. Two nights to realise how hard it is to stay [remain] alone in Mombasa.

aJamaa's ability to take wrong turns is now legendary. Hehehe.

I was also thinking of going back sooner rather than later. Apparently KQ have some offer and Easter is before end of March.

Saturday, February 16, 2008 11:33:00 PM  
Blogger Kamikaze said...

That Easter getaway is feeling more and more appealing. Maybe you can call someone and book one of those nice rooms early, before they adjust their prices for Easter.

Friday, February 22, 2008 3:49:00 PM  

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