Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't think

Thinking is dangerous. That's what one Dr. Muriuki [I think that was his name] said, as he gave out question papers for the CAT. It was incredibly hilarious considering it was an integral calculus class. The guy expected us to do integration by parts without thinking. Incredulous. I got something like 2.5 out of 40.

But. That concept, in the general scheme of things, is wonderfully powerful. So you may not do too well in calculus, but since you left campus who has asked you to prove that the limit of 1/x as x approaches 0 does not exist. I liked the concept when he said it then, and still fancy it now. If I used to follow my own advice... So I was googling "how to meet women" jana. [The Internet has all sorts of wonderful information] Apparently I have a week to meet someone. Anyone. Of the guys who don't tell you to refer to their books for those elusive secrets on how to get things done, there were a number of common themes. The foremost of these is confidence. Again, if only I'd be putting into practise stuff I believe in. It doesn't matter how you look, dress, talk or what you drive [necessarily]. Self-confidence is more powerful than all of these. So the rule is to approach a chic within 3 seconds of noticing her. The 3 second rule. Apparently this is how long the brain takes before it starts thinking. No wonder I get caught staring so many times. The brain is in a temporary state of suspense. I was nodding my head all along as I read, because I know it to be true. The times I've had most success, and fun, with meeting women is when I was doing things without thinking. I was also on mind altering substances but why split hairs. Once you falter, and start to think, the prospect becomes like an overpacked sack of potatoes. You look at it and wonder how on earth you are going to pull it off. Or how that guy is going to pull it off. And you strategize and fret. The more unlikely that you'll approach her the more time you take at this.

They also recommend practise. Lots of it. Approach any which woman, anywhere, and with time you'll get the hang of it. The underlying assumption being that you'll get rebuffed plenty of times but if it doesn't break you, it'll make you stronger.

There was a third thing, but I wasn't taking notes so I can't quite remember. The most important to remember though is not to think. It really is dangerous.


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