Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Well, she didn't show up yesterday. The party girl. Need a name for her. Maybe I should try less fruity names, perhaps thats where I've been going wrong? Who knows. Anyways, maybe I took too long getting home. Plus I don't have her number. Didn't ask for it. Why I wonder? Perhaps thought it would be too forward. I really need to grow a pair.

This is all Coconut's fault. Make a guy comfortable he loses the minimal game he had. Back in the days I could have gotten that number in a jiff. Probably wouldn't have needed a number. She was already in my house. Now. Jeez. Can't believe it.

On a similar note, and talking about backfiring. How about the resident doctor's strategy. Now that blew up in our faces. Ati don't invite the 'usual' company. Oh boy. Next time someone makes that suggestion they best think about who it is directed to. A couple of introverts? You give them a month to go out and find someone new? For crying out loud!! Everyone thought it'd be a cinch. Easy peasy, minimal effort. An entire month? Enough time. So there we were at the party. My Office chic had to leave early (didn't see that coming!). At the time of her leaving we were left with just one female there. How many guys you ask? Around 6 or 7, maybe 8. Too many! Guys just checked in. No company. Just jamaas!! People! Pay someone! Oh yeah now I remember. We (doc and I) seriously thought of going out and finding some working women. We didn't even know how to do that!

Next time, lets just agree. Guys, come over for some drinks. Don't even bother trying to invite anyone. No. Thats too much for you introverts. Just come, get high and we can get arrested for having an illegal gathering. Or you could get some numbers for working women who you can then invite to such gatherings. Check Nation Classifieds. But thats another story.


Blogger Samborera said...

I got a number at 5:30am that morning. Her phone was off the whole afternoon. It's my excuse for coming late, and alone.

But you're right, next time... Is there still loot left over. I fancy having another go at finishing all the 2 litre sodas this sato.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 10:48:00 AM  
Blogger Kamikaze said...

I'm sure we can still do something this Sato. Can buy soda. No tent though. And the butcher guys haven't come for their Jiko. Get some meat. Something I'm missing. Oh yeah, I've got some working woman's number. She said she has hot friends. She looked hot. Something about a mix of Rwandan and Ethiopian. Didn't believe her on the Rwandan, a bit on the Ethiopian. She's probably kyuk. Anyways, she made me promise to call on Sato. Thinking about it.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008 5:35:00 PM  
Blogger 0.5 said...

Its not the doc. Introverts are just like that. To speak for myself, I wouldn't have brought anyone. You folks know the women who I hang out with. "Crazy" is an adjective that could adequately describe them. And not in a good way.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008 5:40:00 PM  

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