Saturday, June 02, 2007

What the fuss?

That was my reaction after reading some column in the paper the other day. For a guy who doesn't read newspapers, I sure seem to be referring to them a lot.

This particular columnist [lass] was going on about how much fun she had and how she'd been blown away by some guy she danced with on some night out. Or who danced with her. A lot of things went through my mind. A lot of questions. How old was she? There's a degree of enthusiasm that can only be associated with youth. Had she never danced with someone before? The experience, from her account, was definitely profound. Had it just not happened in a while? These days people don't really go out to dance. That's the impression I get at least. And maybe it's because age has caught up with most of us. But I see so many young people content to sit and drink away, dancing to the odd song only as a by the way. I remember being on the dance floor all night on numerous occasions in first year. Dancing to all songs on offer. Until they started playing blues that is, when I had to leave. It's a bit tricky grooving to those slow ballads without female company. Although I have done it once. It's a pity though seeing youngsters going out dancing in pubs, having to watch not to knock over the table as they do their thing. Not that I haven't been known to do this myself.

Anyway. I found it a bit sad that it was something so extraordinary that she danced with some guy, not dirty dancing or grinding that loads of women apparently don't like, and didn't exchange numbers or hook up in the course of the night or after. He must have been a decent dancer but getting your groove on with some guy and have it as just that can't be that out of this world, can it. That's the kind of thing that makes my Saturday night. I didn't get Vanilla's number. Or slow wind Grace. Or a host of other people I've enjoyed a song or two with, without saying a word. You do your thing and go home, and life is wonderful.

A gal dancing all by herself does tug at my heart though. A gal should never have to dance alone. Not unless she wants to of course. I for one don't grab someone like the guy in this particular story did. Then again from her reaction, I probably should. I can see how that would be attractive.

It's probably what a guy needs. What I need. Someone to dance with. [I think I first saw the concept on some other blog]. Not necessarily a galfriend, or a shrink. That would be really cool.


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