Monday, May 28, 2007

Hey baibe

It's the reason I don't like the autocomplete feature of textboxes on browsers. That's what popped up as I was composing an email at a cyber cafe the other day. Yeah. Most of my emails have the subject "Hey". So as soon as I start typing a whole list pops up, with things like "Hey Darling!". Nope. I don't want to use that one, or the 5 other variations made available to me.

My days in campus taught me loads about the use of shared/public computers. Don't close any windows you find open. That would cause your head to be torn off in those days. And no, clicking Yes to save before closing isn't acceptable either. You may overwrite a guys code with stuff he never intended to save. Another side effect of not having your own PC is that your google search strings and URLs you visit become public knowledge. I think that's how I first came across [NSFW]. So I became paranoid about stuff I type in web pages. Although I guess blogs don't count.


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