Monday, May 28, 2007

What i see, hear and wonder

  1. NTV. Sunday of all days. They call it Boston Legal. Some guy cherishes the day he'll have $ex with a one legged woman. Nothing will stop him. Huuh!
  2. Change the channel. Top story: The economy has grown by more 6%-What's the contribution of pyramid schemes. some say they have increased peoples wealth by 300%, Change again: An MP is screaming in parliament-widened democratic space?
  3. Ever in a mat sat next to a beautiful young one who occassionally turns her face towards you, and never gathered the courage to say Hi, at least give the rest of your week a meaning? This stuff happened. To me.Not done still beating myself up.
  4. Cameras. Wanted a snap at every opportunity between age 2 to mid-college.walking with a chic in a public park. She wants one. She pays. hell No! I don't know why but i feel i don't need this. This makes chic very uncomfortable, i can see but she sas it's okay. Pure pananoia in play on my part. Is there camerophobia, Park-walk-traceophobia, have-my-picophobia?
  5. Calenders. I have 5 in my house. All from my employer. I never use per common sense. A friend wants one. I am not parting. Actually one is folded-was supposed to be given to someone. It's May. And it's still folded for delivery. All this paper work was replaced by my Cellphone, Just like watches-Those Mhindi Watch shops must be goin' down. By the way, i see alot of calenders with Kibaki and his cabinet on the streets- Latest one: Biwott and his wing of New Kanu.
  6. Career path? When in your life did you decide to become an IT guy? I get asked in every interview. To be honest-Never. I was called to a course I didn't know and barely survived through. Then I needed a job. They offered me just enough to keep me from going back to where KNEC had fished me. I was once doing coaching. I taught chemistry. Told the students there are many opportunities. I got a call last month. “MJ I need a job”. Can't say-"sorry i lied"i will try. Gdbye. I am supposed to mentor someone. Bad Idea. I have changed jobs out of availability of more coins-Actually no choice on my part. I suit my CV to any job and answer questions only in ways to get the job at hand. They will ask this question next time.
  7. Been watching a series in the office. Called Vanished. Not bad. I am in the 8th Episode. My boss is on leave. I actually said I can work with minimum supervision.


Blogger 0.5 said...

Then my friend, we are in the same boat. One of my bosses is on leave, the other moved to another department. I can't exactly watch a series though I have plenty at my disposal (24, Boondocks, Rome, Supernatural, Jericho, Daybreak, Heroes, and many others ....). Not bragging here. if you want one, holla. You will meet the cost of the blank DVD.

Thats the good thing with programming. No one can know what you are doing. For instance, I have pulled a dense perl script from one of the unix boxes ....alt+tab when i hear steps or see someone coming. monday should be a weekend. Then you can get to wait for all time to run out, then in the last 4 days of the project, like a demon.

Monday, May 28, 2007 11:07:00 AM  
Blogger Samborera said...

You seem to always sit next to beautiful women in mats. Well, perhaps I don't notice because I stare straight ahead or out the window [I always take the window seat], or close my eyes and pretend to be sleeping. Two things typically freak me out. The fact that the whole mat will be listening in on the conversation, and the fear that I'll inadvertently stare at her cleavage.

Monday, May 28, 2007 12:37:00 PM  

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