Friday, May 18, 2007

Going against the norm

I've been out of the office for a while now [I'm now being required to check in a couple of evenings at least per week to progress [is there really such a verb] some work, but that's another story]. I quickly realized, on like the third such day, that I needed to acquire additional casual wear [T-shirts]. It has been a while since my last major wardrobe change. The suits have been far between, and few. Can you say procrastination.

Nowadays, I only get to wear my favourite attire, T-shirt na jeans, once a week. And apparently it's not proper attire for going out. One is meant to put more effort than just throwing some random clothes on. How else are the ladies meant to pick you out. This is one of the many respects in which I admire women. How they almost always look absolutely fabulous. I'll stop myself before I start to drool.

So. The other day, I found myself purchasing an English premier league team branded shirt. Something I would normally not do. But I like the way it looked, and needed something new to cover my stomach. Reminds me of this other time [the one and only other I believe] that I bought a football themed shirt. I saw this item with "CCCP" emblazoned on the front. Brought a big smile to my face. Memories of the European championships of 1988 came flooding back. Talk of nostalgia. I ended up buying the "Brazil" shirt that time, but only because I felt getting the two would be like buying the same thing in only different colours. Not that I haven't done that on a number of other occasions.

Anyway. Now I'll get to resemble a host of other Nairobians on the odd Saturday afternoon. Probably have to justify my following of some football team, or respond to some annoying comment[s]. Probably not. It's just a shirt. If they win the Champions League though, it's still just a shirt.


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