Sunday, May 06, 2007

sunday rambling

Nature,is not without a morbid sense of irony. Manchester United fans will be cheering on bitter rivals Arsenal today.


Dropping habits .....
I think I am done reading Tom Clancy. Hunt for Red October was crisp, tight and action packed. His later novels have increased in length and sadly the level of drivel. On the same breath I think all newspapers are full of cr8p. The reason might be that I do not consume all this political nonsense they spew out.

Won't vote end of this year. And probably never again. Personal opinion though. You, however, are free to and change the country. Happy to be led by whoever you shall choose.


KTN pulled Prison Break Season 1 from its programming. The target audience were catching up on the closing episodes of Season 2, thanks to piracy and contraband DVDs.


Friday 4 am. Technically Saturday 4am. I have just checked in after spending the last few shillings on drinks, stumbling....there is this beautiful girl on the stairs. we strike a conversation as we help each other up the stairs. Sunday morning 10 AM. I am hanging my clothes to dry. She sees me and comes out to say hi.
"I just came to say hi!"
Awwww hell no.
One of my greatest phobias: A desirable woman knowing where I live.


Another woman snatched a cigarette from my mouth ...then she put it back...then told Kamikaze that she stays in my flat and I am pretending I do not recognize her. Now that is some serious nerve. If I were to stroll upto one of the chics who lives here, snatch her lipstick as she is applying it, tell her I know or something I will get a slap or a kick in the groin and get thrown out of the establishment. Men are very accomodating.


You know these songs that go like ..."b88ch i am gonna #nasty something or the other#"?
Why do some women enthusiastically sing or shout along? Beats me every time.


To install DSTV or not?


Blogger Princess said...

You seriously crack me up!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007 5:00:00 AM  
Blogger Samborera said...

There seem to be many [beautiful?] women in your establishment. I'll pay you a visit one of this Sundays.

DSTv, like most things, gets boring with time [And you've already watched the second season of Prison Break]. It does come in handy when you're recovering from surgery though, or when everything else on telly features characters speaking English through lips speaking Spanish.

Monday, May 14, 2007 5:47:00 PM  

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