Thursday, April 26, 2007

Season Two

Welcome to the Season premier. You remember Cute 2 of earlier?
Navigation guide:
### - presence of this symbol anywhere in the text is a replacement for my name
$$$ - a replacement for Kamikaze's name.

Otherwise the rest of the text remains unchanged.


### for now i have to forget abt your existance en you too, coz uve stressed me to the max en theres no way av bn able to overcome this. we'd rather stay like rivals coz not at any given time i will see you en say hi having in mind wat av gone thru coz of you. i promise you wont see ma msgs or calls hata kama niko gauge aje, i will do all i can to ctrl this. ### i dont really understand y i just think of you wen i get drunk bt this time round i will avoid it en i promise you this.

though i'm missing u i wl have to forget abt all this misses en live a better life. uve really taught me a lesson and a half, never to love any other man, wil be single en happier. uve even made me hate guys ten times coz they'l be giveing a testimony of the blasts theyv gotn from me.

calling $$$'s office is no big deal, a cousin of ours wks thea. ### ur smart upstairs so think smartly, coz theres no way i cd be having other men en am on ur back this much.
the last thing i was expecting from u is wat i got yesterday! thats why av decided to give up on you kabisa, i know it wil take time bt it will heal at one given time.

best regards

(mariah Carey - Love takes time)

A brilliant, mood lifting end to the week.

So you are wondering what she got yesterday?
Milk, roasted yams and fried chicken ...

Ok..Kamikaze's girlfriend answered her phone call on my behalf.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey hey ....first i can tell the mama is obviously pretty young..probably staying with the parents or just joined campo---or even worse just clearead HIGH SKUL or even worst a babi chic from skuls such as Makini, those babi skuls BraeBun..whatever:(
U simply gave her smthing she hasnt gotten from other guys - she drew closer n closer....what a brother to do - move further n further away.... Really opposite are meant to attract BUT u guys are doing the exact opposite.
Advise - Ruun Run Run Brother Runnn...

Thursday, April 26, 2007 8:06:00 PM  
Blogger 0.5 said...

Pretty young? I guess 26 years is pretty young. We are almost the same age!

Friday, April 27, 2007 9:54:00 AM  

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