Sunday, August 03, 2008

someone could be getting attended

Stumbled on office gossip. it took some time before i gained credibility with the women gossipers. i had thought the office was clean of such,until the question wa posed: Have you suspected anything abt the assistant?
Come to think of it. One time i wanted to see the the boss, the office was locked. she was in there for a while. never suspected anything. In any case they could have been analysing sensitive information like personnel files, or something. so i am told of the way she gets a ride home. still no suspiscion.
I am told of the way the boss demanded her to be employed without going through the drill. and the way they always go on leave together.
I am told of this guy who was heavily reprimanded when he tried reporting her abusing resources. And there was this and that and then he did this to that...
But the gossip was raised a level higher when there was this time she asked "them" why people think she was screwing the boss. wawawawa!
hey! chics are connected. there's now reasonable doubt.

Shit! The boss could be getting a blow job mid morning. No wait. It's just cheap gossip. But who knows. Can't we bug this guy?


Blogger Peter Njenga said...

Guys are always getting sorted out in the office. "Love is Noise" sang 'The Verve'. And I agree.
Siku hizi mi mahanjam tu...

Sunday, August 03, 2008 7:42:00 PM  

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