Friday, June 13, 2008

The spinach moment

Been having problem getting any water in my flat. That concides with my new resolve to cook at my house or stop buying cooking gas. More like be abit responsible and may be save a few coins along the way. Such hard earned savings could be wasted on other things apart from chicken, sodas and french fries.
That's how i found out that 2 tomatoes cost sh.20. mad heh? how do normal people survive. Worse still if u have kids with appetite. Suicide is coming from many guys. Watch all spaces. That reminds me that the people of Baringo are busy roasting rats. watching news these days is just gross.
Now i buy spinach, tomatoes, onions, hoho, dania and crap like that. 30 mins, mchuzi rojo rojo and ugali is ready. see MJ, u can actually cook.
The next morning, i bend for a long call and the liquids take over. this is poisoning. I didn't wash the delicacies. my oh my. distilled sewage is moving along my veins. the joints are getting weaker.
There a reason men should not cook . sewage. Try jik on salad. Next time you bend for a long call and it gets shorter, look back to your last meal.


Blogger bankelele said...

sorry, take some rest. wach thoroughly and cook all food next time.

tomatoes are maybe the price sensitive vegetable, and have disappeared from many Kenyan tables

Friday, June 13, 2008 2:32:00 PM  

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