Monday, July 28, 2008

sunday options

Typical sunday. I am lying on the sofa (an useless imitation of a sofa) doing nothing like a loser.
so i weigh my options:
There's that brown chic who demanded a phone like mine and got silently dropped. I call her coins.No bitter words exchanged, no hint that she was dropped (apart from not calling back for a month).
A file that can be re-opened, for a boring sunday.
And then there is anaa one who can drop by anytime i call and she is free. She never demands stuff and tells me she cares abt my finances.I call her human.
The rest are just truly nasty. I am doing my best to hide. They are last resort. Put up with them when all other avenues have been fully tried.
I want to try coins first. so i flash her. she calls back. Apparently she sounds disppointed. Havent called in a month.she want's to know why i dont call back. so i send her an sms. i am trying not to sound like i am begging. it's just a technical 'keep me company and may be get ....d'
I settled on " i owe you an apology", short and non-beggish. I call back 10 minutes later, and she is like "give me some time to think abt it, i'll get back to you".
i fall short of telling her: never mind, i just wanted you for sunday. actually i don't need her no more. Switch! Here comes Human.


Blogger Peter Njenga said...

Something made JayZ sing "99 Problems". Check out Snoop Dogg's "Doggy World" song intro.
Gold diggers [in your case 'Coins'] are responsible for the CFAs that now exist.
As for 'human', I reserve my comments.
All the same, I wonder why guys bring some shidas upon themselves.

Sunday, August 03, 2008 7:55:00 PM  

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