Friday, July 11, 2008

Curtain Call On The Week ...

Can you stop being so cheerful? One blink and it will be Monday! There ...ruined your Friday. I feel much better.
Of course I have a pile of work waiting. But why do it now when I can do it on Monday? Does not make any sense!
Is this possible? ....
Is a question that I hate; It is usually preceded by a long and winded fancy idea that someone came up with while having boring sex with their spouse. Of course you can't say its not possible to say no because you are employed to serve business and not the other way round; The best you can hope for is you ignore or dodge the question until some new new idea comes along. That is why my email box is great black hole. Some stuff goes in and it never comes out. I have left people sitting at my desk for hours. I can watch my phone ring without feeling any guilt whatsoever....
Emails I get.....

You can find here enclosed the result of those tests :

a) SCI_MOC_Scenario
- gives an example of the op:SCI we have sent from SCP to SSP and the information it contains (e-parameters)
- the related ticket in hexadecimal format
- the related ticket in a decoded format
With the decoded format of the ticket, you can observed that ChargeAdviceElement is well present in MOC ticket and well filled with the e-parameters that we sent in the op:SCI
Be aware that e-parameters are linked to the "Advice Of charge" feature. This means that, in addition to the condition saying that the e-parameters have to be provided in op:SCI, it is required
that the related subscriber is provided with the supplementary service AOCINFO or AOCCHRG (ENTR GCSERV).
In your case, I would suggest that you use AOCINFO because AOCCHRG requires a correct zoning database.
So... if you don't have the information in the ticket now, it it because SSERV is not provided to the subscriber, or (some vendor) doesn't send information in op:SCI correctly or both
Re: SCI and FCI values

Yeah. I have a headache by sentence 3. And I get stuff like this all day.

Like I said; Don't be too cheerful. OK may be till 11pm.


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