Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Or Horoscope? Always fancied using it as Horrorscope. Thats basically because I think it's all crap. But sometimes...

I have this site I go to to check my horoscope. To see what some mystic feller is saying about me. It usually feels silly but I figure if I'm on the internet there must be a lot of other more useless things I can check out.

Anyways, today's (Tuesday) claimed I'm a nice guy who should be comfortable around guys because apparently they are comfortable around me. Hogwash.

Monday's was the really insane one. Apparently I had boundless energy. Live wire! Jeez. I felt like "boiled crap" - some Two and a half men thing. Sagana really sapped me of energy. I couldn't walk straight. My tongue wasn't working (I didn't stick it in anything - wait a second... maybe I did...another story that one). No taste, some swellings on it, aching muscles, sleepy, couldn't stay awake long enough to even post about Sagana.

So usually when I read the horoscope (the next day or even days after) some of them are quite hilarious. The Saturday one also claimed I would feel like cleaning my house, doing some laundry, I'd go crazy and hose down the entire digs. Come to think of it, I did feel like I should be at home cleaning stuff up while I was in Sagana. It was either an imagined feeling or it quickly subsided. So, at times you go like - that really is true!! Sometimes.

But usually I just figure that the guys writing them just try to keep things as general as possible. Stuff that happens to most people, so on any given day whatever they write actually happens to someone or a couple of people.

Anyone know any mystics? They can shed some more light on this perhaps. Or do they already know I'm writing this email...?


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