Friday, December 08, 2006

You asked for it...

If memory serves me right (it usually never does), there was a program on KBC (had to be KBC, as VOK?, or was it KTN?) - there was a program that started like that "..caaauuse - You Asked For It!". Can't remember what it was about.

However, that line always comes to mind whenever the subject of women
crosses my mind.

Remember 20yr old? Yeah? Well, I had plastered it all over this blog how I was breaking up with her, didn't know how to do it, then decided to just up and leave. Someone on this blog called me a mouse (Nawapenda Wooote).
Anyways, I actually up and left. Then went back. Wait, wait. Let me explain.
There was a sort of break-up, with me claiming a need for space and time on my own, to get my mind right (I ask you! What sort of excuse is that? She should have asked what is wrong with my mind. Can it ever be fixed?). She wanted to know how much time I needed. I mumbled one month, then changed my mind and went for three months. I figured three months was long enough for her to forget about me, and for me to have hooked up somewhere else. After a bit of crying, the situation seemed untenable to her so she left (never ever break up with someone at your place!).
Anyways, one night out (weekday) I was having a drink with some dude from mtaani. There was soccer showing. One thing led to another and Sambukas were sought. After about 5 hours of drinking, taking two shots of Sambuka is just a bad move. Seeing as to we were just the two of us there, smses started flying. I think I smsed all the women in my phone book, trying to get a bearing on their locations. Then I slipped and smsed her (20yr old). I know you are asking why I hadn't deleted her number. I actually had, then she kept calling (almost thought she would turn out to be a stalker - that would have been fun eh? Being stalked and all), so I re-saved her number (I have
this policy - don't know if it is self defeating - Know Thy Enemy - If you don't want to talk to someone, delete the number, but if the person persists, by calling, smsing, please call me and all, then keep the number so that you know which number not to respond to. If you don't have the number you might end up taking that person's call...more crap. I digress.). So, I re-saved her number.

The rest as the say, "...caaauuse - You Asked For It!".

Things haven't changed. We got back together because I was a bit randy. Spineless bugger you say? I don't object. Did I have other choices? Well, they might appear as choices, but I thought (at that point) that 20yr old was the lesser evil. What folly. She still wants to see me everyday, hear from me after every few hours, see me when she wants to.

Last Saturday (this is particularly vexing because after talking to other women (girls?), it seems that it is actually standard practise). She insists she wants to buy me lunch, her treat she says. I have no problem with that. We meet around lunch time, order food, get to eating. The bill comes and she gets temporary blindness. I sort out the bill. It is never mentioned again.
She forgets completely that she was buying lunch. Anyways, we relax. The Arsenal game should be starting soon on DSTV. She starts getting fidgety. She wants to leave, wants to go home. I get confused. Thought I told her there is soccer coming on at 3.45. Lets watch the game then we can leave after. She stays quiet. Do I have to watch the game - she asks. I reply that I don't have to do anything, but I would like to watch the game. She goes into this please loop. Please, please, please....I excuse myself to the gents. Come back, hoping the issue is dead. She starts again. I stay quiet.
Getting upset. She says then she will leave. Silence is acquiescence I think. She drags that moment for a while then gets up. I bid her farewell.
Things calm down. aJamaa shows up...Later in the evening, she sends an sms "pitia hm" - this from experience means "pass by home". Note, she is not asking, she is telling me to pass by home. Naturally I am concerned. I ask what the matter is, there has to be something wrong for her to want me to pass by home. She replies that nothing is actually wrong, and forget it anyway, don't pass by. I say its okay.

Fast Forward - This week, we had some activities concerning work and our community week. Being part of the committee organising stuff, I was abit busy. Wednesday evening, had to buy stuff for the children's home we were going to - books, pencils, pens, some food, stuff like that. Was in town at 6.30, had to get back to the office, then head out. We were supposed to meet at home but since it was already late, I sent a message hoping to do it the next day. She doesn't even reply.
Next day, Thursday, we were actually presenting the stuff at the home. We had made good time, then our transport back to the office disappeared for about an hour and a half. She asks where I am, she's been waiting. I tell her I am still trying to get home. She decides we forget about it. I say its ok. I get home relax. Eat sleep. Wake up in the morning and find a message on my phone, sent around 11pm (I am always out like a light, sleep like a big log). She says that something always has to come up when we are supposed to meet (two days!!! two days of unavoidable hindrances and she accuses me
of creating obstacles). B0ll0cks.

I asked for it. Now I'm back to rueing ever meeting her. Like 0.5 says, 20 (something)s fall awfully short.
30 year olds? What a dream. Haven't had the pleasure.

More Must Have Movies:

Star Wars Trilogy (including the "prequels" that came out recently)
Godfather Trilogy (first and second were just amazing, third is nothing to shout about, but a guy should just have it).
Usual suspects.
Italian Job (would you believe I still haven't watched this one yet? 0.5 said he had it then it disappeared.)
Heat (the longest gun-fight I have ever seen, ear-numbing, teeth-chattering, eye-popping sound - ack ack ack ack ack ack - on and on)
Untouchables (just to see De Niro and Sean Connery in action).

More later.

Next post? De Niro VS Al Pacino. Okay, you can start without me.


Anonymous Renisa said...

All I can say: She's an IDIOT!! As for you: no words.

Friday, December 08, 2006 9:52:00 PM  
Blogger Princess said...

You remind me of my friend E..she is the queen of drunken text messages!!

Friday, December 08, 2006 9:58:00 PM  
Blogger mama shady said...

baana!this is dodgy business!randiness ishindwe!im sure you gather that both of you are nashing for each other!?heh, but ive laughed!from the football, to the bill....the things is y'all should stop skirting issues, when she ulizas you silly questions ebu sema it like it is!
and 20something jamaz,in that case,need to learn to be real!
as for usual suspects...deadly movie that one is!!

Sunday, December 10, 2006 3:34:00 AM  
Blogger aJamaa said...

You need not re-save a number to 'know thy enemy' you just need to remember some aspects of it e.g it has a four and five somewhere within it. That way you can protect yourself from your drunken hornie self.

Some more must have movies.
Shawshank redemption
Forest Gamp
Good Fellas
Johnnie Brasco

Monday, December 11, 2006 8:22:00 AM  
Blogger Girl next door said...

I remember that program! Not sure what it was about either.

I don't understand how guys decide to just up and leave a chic. The least you owe someone is telling them goodbye to their face.

Being a 20something myself, my heart goes out to the chic. I appreciate your brutal honesty; if I'd read your post some years ago, I'd have saved myself some heartbreak.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 8:24:00 AM  

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