Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Political correctness

I stumbled on the pope speaking on telly yesterday night. It immediately occurred to me that I'd never heard his voice. That unmistakeable German-type accent [not sure if he's a native of Germany or Austria or something]. I also noticed the reconciliatory tone of the part of the speech I got. How christians and muslims can work together and stuff like that.

In the modern world, people aren't allowed to have differences, and if they do, they may not voice them. Religion is one topic I learnt to steer clear of discussions or debates on. Ever since in Form 2 when a guy almost beat me up for holding a different view on something or other. [major] Religions are often exclusive by default. No other way to the promised land apart from such and such. These tenets can be preached within a homogenous congregation of believers, but in public, we are all on the same path to the same place.

I'm also reminded of the footballers who at their first press conference [unveiling] at a new club declare how it's the best in the world and the team of their childhood. The exact same thing he said at his previous club, and what he'll confess about his next one.

Saying what is considered acceptable, even though it may not be what you believe. Perhaps this should only be the preserve politicians. Perhaps not. And saying it like it is isn't an excuse to abuse others, but attempting to sanitize everything is futile.


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