Friday, November 24, 2006

How does my cousin see me now?

I started telling the story of my cousins friend who I met over the weekend in Well I would like to finish it off now. That Sato night the Tanzanian 20 year old sent me a text saying she had a 'good time' and asking if I did to. I replied that I enjoyed the tour of Kampala.

So, on Sunday as I was preparing to leave for Munyonyo and was torn between calling her and checking if she still wanted to join me for the trip. Going with her would result in me enjoying her company as opposed to spending the afternoon reading a book or a magazine and having lunch all by my lonesome. On the other hand if she came along the trip would be more expensive and there was always the risk that in a moment of weakness I would make a pass at her and whether she accepted it or not I may regret the decision a few weeks of months down the line. At some point I decided that a guy has to leave dangerously (there is no other way to live anyway). I called her, she said she was game and we agreed on where to meet.

At Munyonyo we went straight to the restaurant coz the rain made the beach unreachable. I ordered a beer she ordered 3 tots of Amarula. I was very concerned that she would get high on me and then I would be in more trouble/better situation than I was already in. The more I spoke to her the more I got amazed at her level of maturity. I know that at 20 even at 23 my worldview was very different from hers. Then I was only concerned about the next pynt and the next chik (who never came along). I ordered another beer and was relieved when she ordered water. We talked for a while and I mentioned that I have been seeing someone at least 3 times. My intention in doing this was to protect myself from myself, lay the facts down so she could make an informed decision and building an exit strategy (never start a new project without a backout plan). We spent the afternoon at the beach took a few photos a few more drinks and headed back to Kampala in the evening.

on the trip back we were seated at the back seat of the cab. While I was leaning on the door on the extreme right she had moved towards the centre (I interpreted this to be an invitation for physical contact). At some point she said she was sleepy (she had been studying/partying the previous night), I pulled her down to my lap telling her it was a nice place to sleep. When we got near town I bent down to her and asked if she wanted to come and watch rugby with me (actually meant to say come and watch me watch rugby) in the hotel room and head back to school later. I know what you are thinking, but a I am a man and she is gal and men are supposed to make passes at gals so I was only doing what comes naturally to me. But she very politely declined my offer. I tell you I need to reconsider my attitude towards 20 year olds if she is a fair representation of her ilk.

Tuesday evening was supposed to be my cousin's and her friends last day at school and they planned to go out to some club. I had indicated a willingness to drop by and buy a few drinks (a jamaa has to live dangerously). But on Tuesday my cousin gave me a call and told me she wasnt feeling well and so could not go out but needed some cash to do some shopping. We agreed to meet and I have to admit I couldn't help wondering if the Tanzanian would be there. I met my cousin at some street corner and it was evident she wasnt feeling well. She had suffered from pneumonia a few months earlier and it looked like it was acting up again. The Tanzanian was there and I tried to avoid eye contact and anyhting more than three word sentences (How are you? How was the exam, I am tired, Take care of my cousing e.t.c). After a few minutes I left them feeling relieved, worried about my cousin and wondering if I was going regret not pursuing things with the Tanzanian further.

Later that evening I received a text from the Tanzanian saying she was really bored and would like to come over to my hotel and watch a movie if it wasnt too much of an inconvenience to me. I swear a jamaa spent like 3 minutes trying to figure out a reasonable reply. 'I am lying on the bed alone and would not mind some company' is more or less what I sent back to her. She came over a few minutes later we sat on the hotel bed, talked, she told me she thought she was high, decided to do the natural thing and make a pass her which she again very politely rejected. I accustomed myself to the fact that I would not be getting any, we spoke some more, she received a text and promptly declared she had to meet someone. It occured to me that I was just baby sitting her for someone else but I was fine with it. If she hadn't come over I would have either done some work, read a book or watched football, none of which are worth blogging about. I walked her into town, she dismissed at some point with a hug.

This here is my version of the story, I wonder what version she will tell my cousin (if any) and if my cousin will start seeing me as a dirty old man.


Blogger 0.5 said...

Have ever seen a film shot of something running on the floor only to be 'Splat!'; Suddenly stepped on and stopped cold?
That's the feeling I got right there.

Must be very interesting folks these Tanzanians.

Friday, November 24, 2006 2:47:00 PM  
Blogger Shiroh said...

Is that your version? And her version perhaps

Friday, November 24, 2006 3:07:00 PM  

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