Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Set up

Of late many tragic stories are splashed all over the place on how a husband/boyfi came across his mama being screwed by some guy and proceeded to either kill him, cut off his hand or give him 'kichapo cha mbwa' kind of beating infront of the paparazzi. Remember the 'makosa imefanyika' dude in Nyeri. My point is that women are setting up guys coz i'm sure they know their kind of man and maybe even how enraged he can get and i'd expect she'd share that with her boy-toy. I mean if a chick tells me her man carries a weapon there's no way i'd touch that. If a mama were to tell a guy that her boyfi goes berserk and sets houses on fire, the guy would grab his dick and run off to somalia! In those media-highlighted stories they never say that the woman suffered any harm, that is convincing enough that these coniving women are setting up men to satisfy their own twisted desires.If u are going to have a go at a taken chick then think of buying full body armour, which u will not take off even while getting some.


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