Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Memories to keep me company

Now that i'm quasi-celibate i can sit down & remember some of the non-celibate days, days when i could make an effort to have a chick(s). There was a 3 day period when all the 4 women in my life had their monthly red days! thats what rotten luck is!

There was this time that a chick was making out with me she suddenly started screaming in the dead of night saying she can see her dead mother at the edge of the bed! Must confess i'd met her for the 1st time that day, her sis & her boyfriend (who had invited me over) came down stairs to see wsup. By then the chick was pulling down curtains while naked & going on screaming. The watchies were at the gate wondering whats cutting in the hao. The sis tried to calm her down but she couldn't reason with a viceroy induced hallucination. My pal was now getting restless & went to the store & brought a rope & said we tie her up, put her in the car & rush her to mathare! Kumbe she had been admitted there before! At 1st i could not believe this was happening! I almost convinced myself i was the one hallucinating. We chased her end eventually caught her (it was a huge house in mountain view)but she somehow calmed down (the sis gave her like 5 piriton tablets). Thats why i freak out over getting down with strangers i meet on the very day.

Sometime after seco we were at this rave & my pals & i were trying hard to hit on this chick who preferred to drink at the table as oppossed to dancing like everyone else. As we got smashed so did she & i made a move to shika he thighs under the table only to encounter metallic rods! Being high i dint think much of it but tried to find my bearings with my hand (let the fingers do the walking) I eventually discovered she had had polio when she was young & had metal braces! one of my pals fell under the table & emerged with crutches & in his drunken state took off with them to the pool table. Lets just say it wasnt a pretty sight to see that chick limping about chasing the guy for her crutches. See, i like chicks with physical disabilities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds like that Danny Crane (William Shatner) of Boston legal....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 6:07:00 PM  

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