Monday, October 11, 2010

The horizon

I have lived each day as it comes for several decades now, never really getting too bothered about tomorrow or the day after. But now i wish i had a crystal ball! May be midlife crisis does exist! I might not have a new job by month end now that i have given notice to leave my current job, for the past few months i cant take more than 5 beers bila wanting to go home and sleep irrespective of the company i have or how happening the club is, i have no gal(s) - i think thats a positive thing though, now that i might not hav a job i dont know how i'll service the bank loan, my trao's cant fit (do trao's shrink? and only at the waist?), some aunts came in a delegation to implore me to marry (half of them are seperated/divorced), my hao has bats flying all over the place, kids around where i stay refer to me as 'mbaba', having expired condoms (none use), I guess thats what midlife crisis is all about.
I need that crystal ball to show me huko kwa horizon.
I think i need a trip to UG to recharge these tired batteries.


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