Monday, June 28, 2010

How the game is played

I've forgotten. Or I never knew.

I can't seem to catch a break now. Thought I was onto some amazing, exciting opportunities. First one we can call blueberry (fruit right?). Met at a club, talked for ages that night, caught a few rubs. I saw that as the start of something wonderful. Then I met strawberry the next weekend. Not as forthcoming with the smooches as blueberry but I was willing to be patient. Keep at it, something has to give.

Therein, I am meant to understand by a certain un-resident doc, is the crux of the issue. That waiting. Things have changed. While I was mired in a sedentary relationship, things were picking up speed in the outside world.

24 hours. That is the new waiting period. If you haven't closed the deal within that period, iko shida.
I'm getting to realise that first hand. Blueberry doesn't respond to smses. I kept at it, then I think I get it now. Sent me a message saying she is away for two weeks. I get it blueberry. Fine. I'll leave you alone.

Strawberry also has issues. She won't come when I call. She won't stay long as I want. Even after giving up the smooches and letting me get to third base (which one is that by the way? I had everything off at some point, just the panties left and then she froze on me. Crap!) she's still not forthcoming. She has on several occasions made me resort to pleading. Then she humiliates me further by telling me to stop begging.

These are hard, embarrassing times for me. Unbecoming behavior. I don't remember myself being the begging kind. I guess I never had practise with coaxing the ladies out of their pants. It kinda just happened. With the help of booze mostly.

Things done changed for me. The game has changed. I never stayed on top of things. Literally. I was supposed to stay on top of other and new fruits. Stay in the game. I settled into my miserable existence. Stewing in my own inability to take action. Blaming myself for my situation. And with those thoughts, sinking further and further into some sort of malaise.

But I'm breaking out! The game has to be played. Got to remember the rules. Learn the new ones. Improve.


Blogger aJamaa said...

Some time back I got sick and tired of meeting new people. Actually it may be around 5 years back. Remember it quite vividly had stopped seeing some chick met another and was at the movies with the new one when ordering refreshments she asked what I would like to drink. It then occurred to me that I would have to go through a long process of getting to know her and her me. I would need to spend hours explaining to her why i live with my parents, never leave the house on Sundays, choose to drive a car that was manufactured when I was in primo et al I decided then that I would much spend time at a bar with you guys than tryin to chat up some lady who will by Wednesday not be picking my calls

Around that time I decided I will not put effort in meeting anyone. If by some coincidence I meet some1 and get to talking, I will not ask for her number. If she is interested she will ask for my number. This has worked the few chicks I have met this way have been worth my time.

As a jamaa who has been out of the game for quite some time now, I can only imagine how hard it must be to get back. As Nate Dogg said in that song whose name I can't remember, 'the game dont change'.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 1:18:00 PM  
Blogger Dede said...

its more like knowing how to ride a bike. The only difference is you have to adjust to the various types of bikes though essentially they are all bikes. If you are used to riding a BMX & could do a few tricks like a 'wheelie' or make it skid round a bend then even after a what would be considered an eternity you could still ride it and given a couple of rounds to practice you will be back to your usual riding habits. Different or new women represent the difference between riding say that BMX that you had all your life then coming across a Blackmamba 'blackie'. Might be awkward coz you have to mount it a bit differently then its almost impossible to do tricks with it BUT it still is a bike. If you got those race bikes 'comme'thatyou had to ride bending over then it could take you a few minutes to orient yourself but sure as hell u will ride it hard coz you already knew how to ride. Once an interesting chick comes along you will be amazed at how much you remember how the game is played, playa

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 7:39:00 PM  

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