Monday, May 24, 2010


There's lots of great stuff i like about women but the one that really stands out is the way they are ALWAYS thinking long term! If we had chicks running this world i can bet we would have world peace, no hunger, no poverty, no need to work- welfare would be a fat cheque etc. Ever noticed how a chick meets a guy & in a shortwhile she's assessed and determined wether the guy can handle the long- haul & if she thinks he cant, then, he's dissmissed. I mean, a guy just wants a shag, thinking of next wk, 6 months, 2 yrs down line just doesnt happen!
A chick pal was telling me how she's met this wonderful guy 2 wks ago but says there's a problem coz she's christian & he;s muslim, they hav not even shaggd and she's already thinking long term! She's probably thinking will i have to change my religion when he marries me, what will my folks say if i bring home a muslim, will my pastor kick me out of church, will i be screened more at the airport when i adopt his muslim name, will i get a visa to the states with a muslim name etc.
chicks are so telescopic!
A chick meets a short guy & immediately starts wondering if their kids will be short too!
If i was a politically inclined guy i would campaign for women to lead us guys coz they think/see far. But i thank god for making me a guy, i live for today, i want gratification today, i'll waste my pay today, i'll flirt with my galfriends pal today bila thinking of where i'll sleep coz my gal could throw me out, i'll drink today not caring about the hangover tomorrow, i'll try live like kamikaze today.


Anonymous Bee said...

Love your blog,i am a chic and i agree 100% we think long term and size up dudes as soon as we meet them. Even though all we want is just a shag..its inbuilt cant be helped !!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 4:15:00 AM  

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