Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Gods gift

Gods greatest gift to men starts tomorrow! the world cup! I know its a big deal to many that its being held in africa but i frankly dont give a @*# where its held as long as the times are friendly, games coming from about 5pm to latest 11pm. I've not seen the schedule but i think the games will fall somewhere within those times.

If there's an idea or moment that gets guys united is the world cup, fine, some fellas will lose their life savings by betting on a losing team, some guys wife will run off with the neighbour coz husband is too glued to tv, some crazy dudes will hang themselves coz their teams lost and even some red blooded jungu will contract hiv in s.a kulaing those sluts but thats the world cup for u.

What other event can bring USA and North korea into the same event other than war?

My earliest recollection of the world cup was the '86 in mehico, u know the maradona world cup. i cant quite remember any exact move i saw on tv but what stuck in me is how bananas my zaks & some uncle were! Maradona and canigia were the names! no sentences could have been completed without those names being uttered! The other thing i remember is that matches came at odd hrs, guys had to wake up at 3am. Coke guys even made 'peles' of maradona which was a 'color D'. Those were the white inner linings of soda bottle tops that were removed & guys in school had a game where u blow to flip them & some how the winner was the kid who could flip the most (it doesnt make any sense now) Maradonas was a coloured one so we called it a 'color D'

Italy '90 was a blur coz was in a boarding school and they let us watch the cameroon games, semis and final. wont forget when roger milla & his boys made us proud. But the moment that sticks out was how Roberto Baggio missed that pena! How???

USA '94. Was in another boarding school but still caught a few matches. I had so much hope in the nigerian team coz had such powerful players like Yekini, amokachi, amunike etc. That yekini guy was scary, his face looked like a clenched fist!
I think they went past the 2nd round. Wont forget roger millas goal, was he like 50 yrs? (42 actually). Maradona f**kd up again with his cocain. romario & bebeto did their thing. Not too memorable

Franc '98. Cant remember much coz there abouts my attention was held by some chick ( i am so ashamed to have abandoned WORLD CUP for a gal & i deserve multiple life sentences. I had the highest hopes for nigeria & camerron but they did zero! nigeria had a comic for a G'keeper, the guy let in like 3 easy goals, even our dog could have stopped those goals! Oliseh had a wonder goal, i still see it being replayed. Okocha tried but the eagles failed. Ronaldo dissppointed big time! that was meant to be his tournament but injury right before spoilt his moment. How did those french boys chapa 3 past brazil? ok, zidane headed in the 2 & was it petit who scored the 3rd?

South korea/japan '02. I liked the timing of the matches. came between 8am-2pm. That was the best time in campus coz for a whole month a didnt go to school except for the obligatory CATs. Opening match set the tone! defending champs france were hammered 1-0 by senegal! Madness! was at K1 having some pitchers! France came with 3 leading scorers in different leagues, trezeguet in italy, henry in england and , forgotten the other and left the tourna without scoring! Thats impotence! Senegal did us proud man! i think they lost in the quarters to a sudden death goal, was it to sweden? Davor zucker and his boys (i forget the country) went to the semis destroying germany in the process! Brazil had a stroll in the park. Must mention the ronaldinho goal that left seaman for lost (was it meant to be a cross) , the michael owen weaving run past the argentinians. Luis figo underperforming, Turkey giving brazil a run for their money etc

Germany '06. Fake tournament. Italy won,

What were your moments?


Blogger Kamikaze said...

I guess mine were the same. 86', my zaks and some guys I can't remember in our sitting room, getting high, him offering me alcohol. Waking up to handprints on the walls, and ceiling (athletic guys those). Italia 90, Maradona. 40 something Roger Milla going around a daft keeper who came infield. Later on, Ronaldo with the crazy haircut, unwell, and Brazil leaving Romario when he could have helped. The emergence of El Hadj Diouf, nutmegging guys. Finishing a paper (campus) quickly (too quickly it turned out) to catch Cameroon vs. Germany as the Africans escorted guys to the goal cause any tackle resulted in a card. Welcome back world cup!

I remember taping games so that I could re-watch them. Must have been 94.

Can't wait.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010 5:12:00 PM  
Blogger Samborera said...

I may have to review my birth certificate and confirm the date in there. I have no memory of the '86 world cup. Then again that may be because we didn't have a TV then. I remember the regular trips to a neighbour's house to watch "football made in germany". Memories.

The one and only world cup that I really got into was Italia 90. Again, probably because of the influence of older relatives.

For this one, I don't see any of the African teams getting out of the group stage. Which is sad. As for the winners, I think England have a good chance. As long as they don't play Robert Green in goal (they will surely not consider David James). They have decent players in every position. Then again, they had the same in Germany. Or maybe I have this opinion because it's the only squad that I know all the players. As for Spain, they remind me of Arsenal. Too light weight and one dimensional. If they get frustrated by some hard tackling team, they'll come undone.

Thursday, June 10, 2010 9:28:00 PM  
Blogger parrish lantern said...

Gods greatest gift to men ???
As a male I will happily stand up as say, cant stand the game, hate the nonsense surrounding it. despise the amount of money & time wasted on it, in fact do not understand why its as big a deal as its become.This I am more than willing to state to anyone who mentions the subject to me as a male.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 3:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol @ the "don't play Robert Green in goal" comment....
Sam do u palm read??

Monday, June 21, 2010 12:28:00 AM  
Blogger Samborera said...

Ha. Like I was telling someone else who asked, there was no need for prophetic or psychic powers on my part. But perhaps I would make a decent coach.

Monday, June 21, 2010 10:11:00 AM  

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