Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Age is a number

The football world has brought a new dimension to the age issue. When i was in school vying for the school team & even going for some kenya under 18 team trials, i thought i was beginning my journey to top fitness coz top players in the world were 24 yrs. So i thought i had several yrs to get there. 24 found me more of a drunk than an athlete but i still considered my self 'fit'. Even then i knew that top athletes were considered past their best at 30 and it looked like 30 was light yrs ahead. So here i am, 30 something, urging on coaches in those premiership clubs to sell/fire/kill of players who are 30 and cant run anymore, it was all ok until i was reminded of my age. It got me wondering, are those players like Scholes, Henry, Raul old? they are on the verge of retirement coz they are 30+. That translates to a guy telling me to retire coz i'm too old! how comes? When did 30+ become old? when did ppl start retiring at 30? If i were to get my pension & terminal benefits kesho i"d die!! How can 30 be old? If my plumbing still works, i can climb 10 levels of stairs, i can take several beers, i can attempt to sheki leggi, i can run round a pitch. how is that old?

Maybe i'm one old grumpy geezer refusing to accept the inevitable


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