Monday, May 24, 2010

Ji baba

Back in primo, guys of high school were the envy coz they could hit on chicks in std 7 & 8 with so much ease that we guys couldnt wait to get to high school & have all the fly primo chicks eating out of our hands. High school came & some how i forgot abt the 'babies' in primo & got fixated on the high school vixens. But it was always a case of the more senior guys getting the gal u fancied. Those days chicks were not as liberated as they are today so no 4th form chick in her right mind would want to be kissed by a 2nd form guy. As we got to 3rd form a phenomenon 'chali wa colle' hit the senior form gals & all we guys were left to aspire to be was this chali wa colle thing & get the high school gals as a benefit.
Little did we know that life is never that easy coz when we got to colle/campus the ladies were now being held in a trance by the working-class male especially if he drove a car & could take her out for a movie/drink. Competing with these working -class was a no brainer. But what really irked campo guys were the older men, you know those guys who are 30+, the ji babas. They were what don juan was to the ladies of states or was it mexico or spain? These ji babas certainly had other working class gals but still came for the young, supple & succulent campo gals! what audacity! We despised ji babas though secretly wishing to be one!
And so it came to pass that i am now a proud ji baba driving into campo hostels, picking up a young supple & succulent chick taking her out, spoiling her rotten. Damn the campus admin for closing down campo & ruining my ji baba moment!


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