Friday, May 21, 2010

going anticlockwise

You know me and my friends were talking. You know somehow you make me emotional insecure. This is the thing: we have been seeing each other for a while now, and i am afraid i have put you in my plans but you seem like you will dump me just like that. I even have baby names for the son and the daughter. its good to plan and start early. You see it's not that i think you are seeing someone else, its that you have everything you need. what is stopping you. Me i have plans to get married in two years, please tell me you will think about it. Dont say No. Even if you are lying please say you will think about it.
And there i sat silent, not wanting to hurt this ridiculously daring young woman. But not saying a word and not thinking of it. People keep calling men good listeners. Talk less and less.its the romantic thing. And i am. My clock ran out of batteries. two years and the rest is eternity? and noone aint pregnant. Now thats some


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