Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Putting in work

So I've been a bit preoccupied with the prospects of getting hooked up. First thing I reckoned was that I would need to put myself out there. Get out of the house more than once every couple of weeks and the like. But before that, perhaps I would try some of this new technology stuff. Save myself a few coffee dates. Create some dummy facebook account and see what happens with that. But apparently one has to make formal requests before one can start talking to people or something, and the women I surveyed indicated that they wouldn't accept that kind of thing from a moniker they didn't recognize.

The other thought I had was to call some random numbers. All that bonus airtime was making my head a bit irrational. But if I knew for certain that a certain number belonged to a chic, that would be something worth trying. One person gave the "you can meet people anywhere" speech. Even lifts she says. If ever there was an awkward place to strike up a conversation... But perhaps the greater point was that there aren't any hard and fast rules. You roll the dice and see what comes up. The more I asked, the more I realised the easiest way to meet someone was to go into a pub, walk up to someone and say something. It's easier than becoming a member of a rotaract club or joining the finger of god or an innumerable other things a guy can do. If you can actually pull it off. And even in my better days, I couldn't quite pull it off. The Kamikaze does this kind of thing at will. Like Friday. I'm tempted to ask him for that number if, as he intimates, he may not put it to use. Whatever the case, it's hard work this getting hooked up business.


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