Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The shepherd and the sheep

I've always held that someone should write a book on relationships. Although, to be fair, thousands upon thousands have been written. Another one should write a book on women. Once again, plenty of those around.

But it's really interesting hearing the view from the other side as it were. Like when the discussion on the current affairs topic of unplanned [unwanted?] pregnancy was going on. What does the sole chic present have to say. Her reasoning goes like this. Sometimes things happen that were unintended. Sometimes, a chic looks at this guy, decides he's a really nice guy, and does whatever she needs to do. And why would she contemplate such a thing. Because men are never ready to settle down. So it's up to her to nudge you in the right direction. Make you do what you really want to do but are just too scared to. Can you say "meh".


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