Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All eyes on you

I was reminded the other day, of something from back in the day. From the good old days. When guys were young and brimming with energy.

There's this chic I met. Not met met you understand. I saw her across the way in the club. Noticed her. In my world, that qualifies as "met". Anyway. Flash forward some period of time. I was making my way to some all night chips place. Let's call it 3am. Now I never eat anything after supper time [up to 11pm at our house]. Something about having to wake up the stomach to work on whatever, only to want it to sleep soon thereafter. If I'm at a chips place at 3am, I'm with this Dede guy. He has been known to eat something or other before a night is out.

Anyway. So I walk past someone, and a couple of steps later it hits me. That's the chic. The one I "met". Now this being a different era, I stopped, turned around, made the quick steps it took to catch up with her and said something. I continued speaking until she gave me her number. Don't ask me what I said. I never remember any details during these episodes. Must be the hightened state of fear and trepidation that accompanies such actions. The mind just can't put down anything in long term storage.

Anyway. Flash forward another period of time. I meet up with her at some bar. We'd talked a bit in the said period but that's an aside. She suggests that some of her friends are at some other place and can we head there. The more the better. I have significant difficulty having a conversation with one person for a long time anyway. Why I don't like dates.

Anyway. So we check into this place. She's walking ahead of me, looking out for her pals. I start to notice movement in the periphery. People's heads. Men's heads. Moving. Their eyes too. Since they all seem to be converging at one point, I follow, and end up looking at the chic I've just walked in with. The eyes aren't on me but I can't help but start to feel squeamish. She on the other hand, seems oblivious to it all. How. Someone once said that chics are used to it. That people have been staring at them from the time they were 16. So they got desensitized. A few eyes, after having enough of the eye candy, come my way. Guys being guys, and being all the same, and me being one of them, I could only conclude that those were looks of envy. Or sizing up, to see if they can take this guy. Or more accurately, take the chic he's with. Which elicits amusement from my part. She's not my galfriend or wife or anything so I have no reason to experience any kind of negative emotions.

Flash forward several years. I'm with this chic who I think is hot. She's a friend. So. Anyway. She wants to dance. It's a bar. This concept of dancing in a bar I've never understood. We're the only ones dancing. And she wants to do this thing chics say they apparently are disgusted by. Where you're behind her and she's doing all sorts of things with her hips and behind. Gyrating doesn't even begin to describe it. Too many hip hop videos. Now. People haven't been staring at me since I was 16. The only way I'm doing this is in some dark corner. Not a reasonably lit corridor with a bunch of folks looking on. Or if I had my prefrontal cortex removed. Still. It amazes me how women are able to ignore all the eyes, and go about their lives seemingly unaffected by it all.


Blogger aJamaa said...

I recall those days. You were so cool. Remember the hot chick who used to run into on your way to work on most days and who you started chatting up in the street? Boss what happened to that guy? Must have been lots of fun being able to do such things. Must have given you an adrenalin rush, a sense of purpose even.

Try get your mojo back.

Friday, April 23, 2010 2:09:00 PM  
Blogger Samborera said...

I was cool? Good one. I'll laugh about that one for a couple of weeks.

Anyway. I did used to look forward to waking up in the morning. I think of doing such things now and all I can muster is "meh". I can do it, but. It takes a lot more energy than I can muster these days.

Friday, April 23, 2010 2:34:00 PM  

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