Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tough generosity

i met e-wreck today. I have had to share 3 employers
with the character.That reminds of that time one baniani boss harassing him for not finishing his coding, the guy stood up to him and asked him "so you are not going to pay me?" This guy can honestly call you an arse to your face when you deserve.
Wanted to sit down for a few minutes with the guy over some nyama, talk some honest crap.
And he really takes peoples problems to heart. he was actually attending some guy's wedding.

Ever attended a wedding, i always feel out of place.
I know i have gone to the wedding to escape the guilt of missing a relative's ceremony.
Just to make sure i shake their hands, and may be have pictures taken, so that they guy will be sure i went.
I would just be happy to send money via mpesa and never get involved in this hypocrisy.
But at the very end of the afte, a guy comes to thank everybody- from the flower girls, to page boys, to pastors to security,to drivers, to cooks, to parents,to neighbours,to instrumentalists, to the MC, to the government and even You (i mean me).
This guy is one hell of a list expert. is he hired or what? is he a local headmaster?
E-wreck goes to his wedding and i am left with a kilo of meat and 45 minutes to being ready. Luckily a chic calls...
the "umenyamaza sana" type. I am also in town, come over.
she is not cleopatra, but she is very cute and with a warm smile.
She does one more thing: narrates the effects of the financial armaggedon to his life dreams. The new rent, constant income, high food prices. Not directly, but through the talk the message is subtly sipped into my conscience.
My instincts are ignore and move next. My conscience is pushing on give fr heavens sake. But when i ask her to come to my place, she jumps off like i was gonna fry her in a container of french fries. Actually i wanted to give some cash which was at home (and relieve the guilt that was slowly haunting my disturbed soul), but i now get to save the money and have a reason to purge the guilt from my tormented soul.
I can tell you giving money to a chic is hard. Hard if she asks and hard if she doesn't. It's an area i do not do well, even when i feel like i save someone's dinner from a cabbage only option, and may be make someone's life smooth for a while.
On a separate note,there are too many beggers in town.6 months down the road and this economy will have hit so hard that foreclosures might be the order of the day. Rent and everything is actually on a serious rise, and it doesn't rain any more.
But then again, i am no financial expert


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