Thursday, January 22, 2009


That there is a teachers strike going on and there are no kids running about the neighbourhood having a time of their lives. Which could only mean one thing. That the parents are forcing their kids to go to school even though there's no one there to teach or care for them. But this is like day 4. That kind of thing is expected on day 1 or 2 but not a week down the road. And if that's not it, there's only one other explanation. That there are no kids in these parts who attend public schools. Not a one. Which is really odd. When I grew up [I am still trying to stop all this old folks type reminiscing phrases], we all went to city council primos. And we had a ball. Guys of academies were such a minority.

A generation later [and free education perhaps], and things have certainly changed. Anyone with a little money to spare I guess is taking their kids to private schools. Nothing wrong with parents wanting the best for their kids. I actually considered my primo one of the better ones. So nothing's changed there. But does it now mean, I wonder, that guys have to work day and night to provide certain lifestyles for themselves and their families. Actually this hasn't changed either. Our folks sacrificed a whole bunch for us. So it seems the more things change the more they do stay the same. I just think it's unfortunate that some kids aren't enjoying a couple of days or weeks yet of frolicking about.


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