Saturday, May 10, 2008

On my mind...continued

On my mind...continued...

A Saturday. As usual, the feeling of being robbed of sleep just to come to the office and act like you are working.

Anyways, last time I wrote down what was on my mind (on screen?) I kept to the usual three topics.

Pint - Women - Soccer

Seems I can't quite drink like I used to. And when I say used to I don't mean back in campus. Back then it was amazing the amount of liquor guys could consume and still walk. Now its just a sham. All I'm doing nowadays is sticking to less potent stuff and making a dash for home at the slightest feeling that I'm tired. I get pretty tired real quick nowadays. I've become pretty useless at drinking. But something tells me it's related to my next topic - Women. No wait, lets go to Soccer first.

Last time Arsenal were top of the league but already losing ground. I mumbled stuff about Wenger not buying guys to bolster the squad. About Man U having the ability to keep putting out quality players every game 'cause of the size of their squad. About it being unfair to let Man U nick the league. Well it happened. Not only have Man U nicked it (can't see them losing to Wigan and imploding in the very last game of the league) but even Chelsea beat us to number 2. Painful. Agonizing. Anger at Wenger. Can't even think of the name Adebayor and not flinch (bloody man could have had 60 goals this season, kept missing sitters...ahhh). A lot of emotions. Love the team, they play very good soccer. Heart wrenching though cause they have to pass the ball at least 25 times before someone thinks of shooting for the goal. Aaaargh!

Well, where do we stand. Cherry (aka The Neighbour aka The Girl Next Door) is still there. The Tall One is still around. Bananas too. Melon faded out of the scene (maybe now I can make a play for the sister). Masseuse appears once in a while. She had been replaced by Yammahs (I don't think I've introduced her before). Yammahs is also fading from the scene. T-Girl is around. Remember her? From ages ages ago. When I started working at this joint, there was a good looking lady serving tea. She left. 0.5 met her some day. Well she got my number called me and we did the do. Just once. I don't feel like keeping it going, but she's on the scene. I think that's all I have. Frankly speaking I think I want to ditch each and every one of them.

Bananas is getting too "personal". I don't know the exact words to use. She's taken to leaving her stuff in my house. Saying "feely" words. Asking if I'm ok. Crap like that. Masseuse just sees an ATM. So does Yammahs. Cherry has started weird questions. Got one last night - "What do you think of me?". Oh man. That was just low. All because I didn't open the gate for her some morning. She wanted to pick something from me - cash - but I gave it to her through some gate-window thing. The Tall one was in the house. She suspected as much. So she decided to hit tropez and hook up with some dude. Dude shows up and I know him. She ditches the guy and decides to hang out with her "good pal, just good friends". Some singer/rapper dude - calif records type. Anyway, I left her in tropez and headed home with her buddy whom I tried to entice to my digs but she wasn't that high. Supposed to meet her today - Cherry's buddy who's also a neighbour. Cherry has also been talking about me shagging other women, cause I rarely call her nowadays.

Well, got to go. More later. There's still alot on my mind.


Blogger aJamaa said...

Reading your post I sense that you are feeling a little depressed and short changed in life. As is often the case there are a few guy who are doing worse than you. I am not sure if this gives you any consolation but I am pretty higher than you on this list.

I am really close to giving up pynt. Two Satos ago I was in West with the good doctor, and struggled to have at most 6 pynts. Got into bed at around 2.30. Had a killer hangover the next day and really did not recover until Wednesday. This kind of thing has been happening more often. So last week I steered clear of pynt completely. Jana I had 4 pynts and 2 Alvaros and I am still suffering the effects.

It does not makes to enjor 4 to 6 hours of alcohol and suffer for 12 to 24 hours.

I am a Liverpool fan. Enough said.

Its nearly 3 months since Nanyuki left the picture. Things have been so thick that over Easter I went to Amboseli with my bro. I am supposed to be going on leave in June and the way things are going if I choose to travel it will either be alone or with my bro again. I enjoy the freedom (feeling of not owing anyone anything) but some times a jamaa needs a little luving.

Saturday, May 17, 2008 8:24:00 PM  

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